I’m Julia Tagliere, writer, editor, and purveyor of unsolicited opinions. From freelancer cattle calls and self-publishing to M.A. programs, lit journals, and fellowships, I’ve been climbing the literary food chain since 2005. AMA!

Julia Tagliere: Hello! I've been fortunate to start publishing things here and there, and I'm super grateful for all of those opportunities. But I'm still hoping that one of my next two novels will wind up being traditionally published. I don't regret self-publishin…

I’m Claire Coullon, a freelance graphic designer making a living creating fully custom lettering and typography. Ask me anything!

Claire Coullon: Maybe not the most original answer, but I most enjoy the fact that I get to do for a living what I love the most in life. I'm one of those people who can't help but mentally critique everything from restaurant menus to the letterspacing on sewer cove…
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