A freelance comic book writer is open to work on new projects and render services. ASK ME ANYTHING #JobsAMA

Mamode ogbewele
Feb 8, 2018

I'm a freelance comic book writer and I'm the writer of Africa's first known comic book crossover event titled Spirit Wars.

I enjoy new and unique writing projects as it affords me the opportunity to learn in so many different ways.

presently I'm looking for any new lucrative comic book or creative writing project to jump on and hope that one of you gives me a call. 

So feel free to ask me anything and I'd answer to the best of my abilities. 

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Is the process of publishing a comicbook easier than publishing a traditional one?

Feb 13, 2:33PM EST0

Thanks marija

If you are comparing digital Vs traditional,  digital is easier but still lots of work. 

Feb 14, 4:21AM EST0

Are there many comicbook writers in Africa? If so, what is your favorite?

Feb 13, 1:00PM EST0

Vukica, yes,  there are a good sum of comic writers but unfortunately I do not have a favorite. 

Xavier valada and Okorie Kalu for something deep. 

Hafeez oluwa for something intriguing 

Ayodele elegba and Ganiyu Ibrahim for something entertaining 

Ayo makinde for something unique and others I can't remember at the moment 

Feb 14, 4:20AM EST0

Is there any specific time during the day you like to work on?

Feb 11, 4:02PM EST0

Late evenings and if possible,  at night. 

Feb 11, 11:49PM EST0

What are you planning to achieve in the near future?

Feb 10, 9:25PM EST0

I'd like to increase my work portfolio and have a good number of works with my name credited on it. 

Then I'd take it from there 

Feb 11, 11:49PM EST0

What comic books are you currently reading? Do you recommend any?

Feb 10, 5:54PM EST0

I'd recommend comics from :

Comic Republic : avonome, eru and visionary 

Vortexcomics : strike guard, orisha pikin and spirit wars 

Epoch.  Comics : aegis and moon dust 

Youneek Studios : malika and exo

Please note,  the above are Nigerian comics, so you need to google them

Marvel: vision 

Dc: almost anything batman and doomsday clock 

Last edited @ Feb 11, 11:48PM EST.
Feb 11, 11:36PM EST0

What are you looking in your next project? I've few published few novels which I want them into in a comic style. Would you be interested? What could be budget required? 

Feb 10, 10:16AM EST0


I would love to do that for you. I would have to see how long the novel is to determine how much you'd need. It can be between 10 to 30 dollars per page. 

If you want I can even gather a team to work on it start to finish.  Artist, colorists etc

Please inbox me for more details 

Feb 11, 11:33PM EST0

Where does the inspiration to write comics come from?

Feb 10, 6:35AM EST0

I've learnt that my inspiration comes from my over active imagination which in itself draws inspiration from anything, everything, everywhere and anywhere. 

So I leverage heavily on it. 

Feb 11, 11:51PM EST0

Who has had the biggest influence on you outside the comics industry, and how did they affect your life?

Feb 10, 4:28AM EST0


I'd say a show I watched when I was younger where a guy used to teach people how to draw. That and Saturday morning cartoons were big influences 

Feb 11, 11:30PM EST0

What do you think about the comic culture you perceive in your country? And in the world? Do you think the comic book industry has the reputation it deserves?

Feb 9, 4:01PM EST0


The comic culture in my country at the moment does not have the reputation it should at the moment because many people aren't into comics but in other countries such as the United States have given comicbooks the reputation it deserves. 

Feb 9, 7:26PM EST0

Do you have any advice for someone who’s trying to create their first comic book?

Feb 9, 3:06PM EST0

Yeah I do. 

Research.  Read. Study. Practice. And Plan. 

Feb 9, 7:26PM EST0

Would you like to make a career out of writing comic books?

Feb 9, 2:03PM EST0

Sure I will like to make a career out of it. 

Got something for me? 

Feb 9, 7:27PM EST0

Which kind of projects are the ones that attract your attention the most?

Feb 9, 12:36PM EST0

Fiction fantasy. 

Stories that have a hero and a villain and a Happy ending. 

Feb 9, 7:32PM EST0

What are you favorite authors so far?

Feb 9, 12:20PM EST0

At the moment 

Jonathan Hickman 

Feb 9, 7:33PM EST0

What are your other hobbies? What do you regularly like to do?

Feb 9, 6:34AM EST0

Play games, read, watch TV and chill

Feb 9, 7:38PM EST0

When did you decide you wanted to write comic books?

Feb 9, 5:52AM EST0

It was some time during my university days. I used to draw but I started studying law, so I didn't have so much time for drawing. So my creativity got directed into something else. 


Feb 9, 7:30PM EST0

What message do you want to transmit to your audience through your comics?

Feb 9, 5:34AM EST0

I want to inspire people. I want to tell stories that move people and make them believe in themselves. 

Feb 9, 7:24PM EST0

Do you consider writing comic books as your full-time job?

Feb 9, 3:32AM EST0


It is not my full job at the moment but hopefully it will be sometime in the near future 

Feb 9, 7:22PM EST0

Does your family support you as a comic book writer?

Feb 8, 8:12PM EST0


They do in their own way

Feb 9, 7:17PM EST0

In which places do you find yourself most comfortable to write?

Feb 8, 5:16PM EST0

At home 

Late at night 

Feb 8, 7:41PM EST0

How does creativity flows for you? Do you need to stop writing at a certain point to keep on the process or are you just intensely creative all the time?

Feb 8, 4:31PM EST0

I'm intensely creative all the time but I need to keep myself in check from time to time,  so that I don't get carried away. 

Feb 8, 7:42PM EST0