A Freelancer and on my way to working with freedom. I'd like to help you if you're thinking about working from home. Newbies or experienced are welcome. Ask me anything!

Emily Ballon
Aug 10, 2017

8 years experience of working in a corporate world when I decided to quit my job and start working from home. I made this major jump in my career as I am no longer happy with my office and personal life imbalance, long and tiring commute, the wasted hours preparing for work and the dreading over time. I've been working remotely for a few months now and still has a long way to go to making millions but I am enjoying freedom and the time well spent with loved ones, pets and most importantly, time for yourself. Are we on the same boat? Let's talk!

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How do you communicate effectively with long-distance clients?

Aug 10, 2:14AM EDT0

There's no rules in communicating effectively with your client. As for me, if I am being asked to do something, I make sure to summarize to make sure I understand his/her instructions very well. If I am being asked for something, i make sure that my responses are polite and straight to the point. You don't need to send them a message every minute (unless your client prefers that). If you're going to report at the end of the day, it must be short but concise.  Let them know that you get the job done. Thanks for asking! Please make sure to follow me and I'll follow back. Promise! :)

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Aug 10, 3:10PM EDT0

Who hires freelancers?

Aug 9, 5:09PM EDT0

People who needs to get a job done. You have a business but you need to manage several social media to advertise and got loads of important stuff to do? Hire a freelancer. Can't keep up with your busy schedule and your inbox has been bombarded with emails that needs to be sorted out? Hire a freelancer. 

Aug 10, 3:13PM EDT0

Please make sure to follow me and I'll follow back. :)

Aug 10, 3:14PM EDT0

What is the best way to keep projects on track?

Aug 9, 1:42PM EDT1

Organization. There are several free tools out there that you can use to keep your tasks organized. I personally use Trello. 

Aug 10, 3:16PM EDT0

How much do you charge?

Aug 9, 1:29PM EDT0

Depends. I usually charge $5 to $10 per hour. Negotiable. 

Aug 10, 3:17PM EDT0

What tools do you use?

Aug 9, 1:13PM EDT0

hmmmm... tools to do what, let's be specific, buddy. But I use Trello to keep my tasks organized, especially if you're working on more than 1 client. 

Aug 10, 3:19PM EDT0

What do clients typically dislike about working with you?

Aug 9, 12:16PM EDT0

oh, that's tough one. I'll say it's my charging rate. LOL! Some want it cheaper you know! :)  And maybe my english is not impeccable to some clients. I speak 2 languages and some local dialect and thinking about learning Korean language. So yeah.. i have grammar lapses sometimes. Annyeong haseyo!

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Aug 10, 3:25PM EDT0

What's your work process like?

Aug 9, 12:00PM EDT0

1. Start up PC.

2. Check schedule and the priority tasks,

3. Get the job done.

4. Report to client.

Aug 10, 3:30PM EDT0

How has the way you do business or the services you're able to offer changed since you went out on your own?

Aug 9, 10:29AM EDT0

Office work is very monotonous. You wake up early, travel to work, work, travel home, eat, sleep then back to the first step. Unless you're promoted, you don't get to learn new skills. But in freelancing, you need to learn how to do the task at hand. You have to be self sufficient. I'll make a simple example. Before, I only use FB and Instagram and Twitter. Now I also use Linkedin. You know. You learn new things. Which is kind of exciting and exhausting but never boring. 

Aug 10, 3:36PM EDT0

Who can become a freelancer?

Aug 9, 10:07AM EDT0

Anyone who is driven to learn, explore and deliver a task, you're good. 

Aug 10, 3:40PM EDT0

How do you work long hours and avoid burnout?

Aug 9, 9:26AM EDT0

Ah, very good question! Make sure to take breaks in between. Or better yet, schedule a fun activity or travel destination every week so you always have something to look forward to. I think that's the key. SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO. :)

Aug 10, 3:42PM EDT0

What type of work do you do as a freelancer?

Aug 9, 6:43AM EDT0

Phone Support, Email handling, Live Chat Support, Lead Generation, Social Media Manager, Data Entry....

Aug 10, 3:44PM EDT0

What fees do Freelancers charge?

Aug 9, 6:17AM EDT0

It depends on your skills. If your skills are something that not too many possess, let's say you're a Marketing Consultant Expert and your profile is very impressive, you may charge more than the average. It really varies depending on the person, the client's budget, etc, 

Aug 10, 3:47PM EDT0

What services do freelancers offer?

Aug 9, 2:30AM EDT0

From managing social media accounts to copywriting to customer service to web design. If it needs to be done and you don't have time, a freelancer somewhere will do it for you. 

Aug 10, 3:50PM EDT0

Would you rather get more clients, or make more money off existing clients?

Aug 9, 1:38AM EDT0

In my experience, it is hard to juggle tasks if you have more than 2 clients. But that means more money. However, if I'm getting enough off of an existing client, then I'll keep my existing client. The only limit in freelancing is yourself. 

Aug 10, 3:54PM EDT0

Do you have a blog?

Aug 9, 1:09AM EDT0

Actually I don't. Yet. I don't know if I will ever have one. I'm pretty much contented in cuddling my shih tzu in my free time. That means both hands will be preoccupied. :) 

Aug 10, 3:56PM EDT0

What's the best marketing move you've ever made?

Aug 9, 12:51AM EDT0

oh no.. Im not good in that field.. Next question please??? :)

Aug 10, 3:57PM EDT0

What are the advantages of being a freelancer?

Aug 8, 8:28PM EDT0

it will only take 60 seconds to log in to my pc.. and 10 seconds to lay in my bed!!!! hallelujah!

Aug 10, 3:58PM EDT0

What sites do you work on?

Aug 8, 8:11PM EDT0

I didn't quite get that. But I'm with Upwork. That's where I get my clients. :)

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Aug 10, 3:58PM EDT0

How long have you been freelancing?

Aug 8, 7:34PM EDT0

3 months... :)

Aug 10, 4:00PM EDT0

What else are you passionate about outside of work?

Aug 8, 4:20PM EDT0

Dog cuddling! I'm very passionate about it TBH. :)

Aug 10, 4:01PM EDT0
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