Advantages OF Being a Freelancer. Ask me Anything of Freelancer

Md Moksedur Rahman
Nov 13, 2017

freelancer is self-employed person offering services, usually to businesses and often to multiple clients at a time. The type of work freelancers do varies. Nearly every type of service a business would need could be provided by a freelancer, including (but not limited to), marketing, such as social media marketing, copywriting, and publicity, writing, such as articles and blog posts, technological support, such as web programming and design, creative works such as graphic design, and financial support, such as bookkeeping.

Advantages of Freelancing

There are several perks to working as a freelancer, including:

  • Get started quickly...today even. As long as you already know the skill you plan to offer, getting started is simply a matter of finding your first client.
  • Easy to start. You can start right now, using your network find a client. While you'll want to build a LinkedIn profile and/or a website, you can network within your current career and friend networks to find your first client.
  • Affordable. Odds are if you have the ability to provide the service, you also have whatever equipment or software you need to deliver it. Eventually you'll want to invest in business building tools, such as a website, but using LinkedIn (which is free) is a great online resume that can help you promote your service.
  • High demand for help. While the marketplace of freelancers is competitive, the need for quality, reliable freelancers is growing. Many businesses don't have employees and instead have a team of freelancers. 
  • Choose your own schedule. Work when and where you want.
  • Pick and choose clients. While in the beginning you may take any client that will hire you, as you grow, you can choose not to take on difficult clients. You can even fire them.
  • Do the work the way you see fit. While you need to deliver what the client asks, how the work is done is up to you.


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Do you feel jobless sometimes ? 

Nov 14, 12:15PM EST1

No, the work is always there

Nov 14, 12:29PM EST0

How do you balance  your freelancing career and social life? 

Nov 14, 11:35AM EST1

I earn money from freelancing and spend that money in social life

Nov 14, 12:32PM EST0

What type of work do you do as a freelancer?

Nov 13, 11:49AM EST1

Social Media Marketing

Nov 13, 12:12PM EST0

Do your clients ever also hire other freelancers? Is there anything you can do to keep more of their business?

Nov 13, 9:01AM EST1

I have no objection in this

Nov 13, 11:48AM EST0

Who can become a freelancer?

Nov 13, 8:26AM EST1

Who can do Social Media Marketing, Graphics design, Web Design, Internet Research, data collection, Lead generation etc

Nov 13, 11:51AM EST0

How has the way you do business or the services you're able to offer changed since you went out on your own?

Nov 13, 5:36AM EST1

Only if the client is known to you

Nov 13, 11:53AM EST0

What's the best marketing move you've ever made?

Nov 13, 5:25AM EST1

What do clients typically dislike about working with you?

Nov 13, 5:21AM EST1

There may be problems due to not understanding work often

Nov 13, 5:23AM EST0

What made you want to start freelancing? Was it something specific or the result of a long series of events?

Nov 13, 4:21AM EST1

I am a successful freelancer. I have been successful in clinging to it for a long time

Nov 13, 5:22AM EST0

Do you make it clear to your clients how you're helping them (besides the fact that you're writing code or designing or whatever)?

Nov 12, 9:54PM EST1

I am a social media marketer, so I can help with this

Nov 12, 11:48PM EST0

Which of your sales or marketing efforts bring in the majority of your clients? What percentage of your revenue comes from this particular channel?

Nov 12, 7:52PM EST1

Facebook marketing offers more. 80% 

Nov 12, 11:43PM EST0

How do you communicate effectively with long-distance clients?

Nov 12, 5:32PM EST1

Communication must be done in connection with work. Besides, there are Skype, Social Media and Marketplace too

Nov 12, 11:40PM EST0

Can you briefly describe how you typically get new clients?

Nov 12, 2:07PM EST1

I can get new work through good work reviews and good feedback

Nov 12, 11:37PM EST0

What are the advantages of being a freelancer?

Nov 12, 1:10PM EST1

You can earn a living in the house And at the same time, you can give your family time

Nov 12, 11:35PM EST0

What's your unique selling proposition (USP)? What distinguishes you from your competition

Nov 12, 12:54PM EST1

I am a social media marketer. I have to do some work for the client for a while. There is very little difference in this case

Nov 12, 11:33PM EST0

What else are you passionate about outside of work?

Nov 12, 11:14AM EST1

A freelancing trainer and a computer trainer

Nov 12, 11:29PM EST0

Can you recommend me a good book about this topic?

Nov 12, 7:30AM EST1

Starting Your Career As a Freelance Writer(Second Edition) by Moira Anderson Allen

Nov 12, 11:27PM EST0
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