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Kanndiss Riley
Feb 6, 2018

A capable and highly creative Journalism graduate, looking to develop a career in the media. Able to work in a pressurised environment and have proven social media awareness skills within the advertising industry. Currently looking for new challenges to build on my existing skills.

Do you need help with creating Digital Content?

contact me via

šŸ’Œ kanndissriley@outlook.com or

šŸ‘©šŸ¾ā€šŸ’» www.kancreates.wordpress.com


I can help create a tailored creative package to suit your brand: 

ā€¢ instagram styling

ā€¢ marketing graphics 

ā€¢ social media branding

ā€¢monitor analytics

Just Ā£50 deposit promotion ends Friday 30th March

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What are some of the most useful websites that you cannot live without?

Feb 9, 3:42AM EST0

How important is content in a digital marketing strategy for fashion or a lifestyle company where visual garner more points?

Feb 9, 1:50AM EST0

Do you use Social Media for fun? How does it feel when you do?Ā 

Feb 8, 8:53AM EST0

What challenges have helped pep you up for better freelance opportunities?

Feb 6, 11:01PM EST0

Why do web projects typically overrun? And how can this be mitigated or overcome?

Feb 6, 10:14PM EST0

Michael,Good question. Mission creep can be one of the reasons. Half way through the project you might start to here 'Can we add this? Can we try this? Have we thought of developing X to do Y?'Have a solid brief so your project managers know what expected and keep within that. Any mission creep can then be properly assessed for impact on the schedule and you can assess whether or not it's worth doing, if delivering to a set date is vital. You could always instigate agile methadology as well and create itterations of your web project rather than seeing it as having one set delivery date.Ā 

Feb 7, 12:35AM EST0

What do you do to get the best out of your people when running a project?

Feb 6, 10:03PM EST0

In the creation of digital content, what makes good content?

Feb 6, 9:09PM EST0

How have your friends and family been reacting to your vibe as a freelancer?

Feb 6, 6:00PM EST0

What made you interested in the digital creative content industry?

Feb 6, 2:44PM EST0

I was really good at aspects throughout school but when I got to university that was whenĀ I got in my element and did as many work experience an internship to learn more.

Feb 6, 3:33PM EST0

How long and where did you get your Digital creative skills?

Feb 6, 1:58PM EST0

I learned a lot from my dad he worked in computer programming and was a freelance photographer but I did a multi-media journalism degreeĀ as well as qualifications in computer science, art, and media.

Feb 6, 3:31PM EST1

What do you feel is the most effective way to gather clear requirements for a project from your client?

Feb 6, 1:45PM EST0

What is the most challenging part about being a digital content creator?

Feb 6, 1:07PM EST0

fulfillment - sometimes you seĀ peopl with a 9-6 enral job and think why can't i just go to a job and get paid and know i make money

Feb 6, 3:29PM EST0

What are the working hours of a digital content creator like? Does it take hours to complete a job?

Feb 6, 12:36PM EST0

9am - 5:30pm

sometimes I have to organise my days over and over when a big project comes in or I think of something to make me moreĀ productive so that I can achieve a client expectation; I don't think there is any problem with that. I use icloud and the app to do list so I can see all task over theĀ space of 6 months.Ā 

Feb 6, 3:19PM EST0

For how long have you been a freelancer?

Feb 6, 12:34PM EST0

1 year and an half

Feb 6, 3:13PM EST0

Can you tell about a time when you had to manage a difficult client on a project?

Feb 6, 11:16AM EST0

I won't divulgeĀ in detail but I believe in addressing conflicts in a civil matter I have previously used emails to resolve the problem and on other occasions scheduled a meeting with the person to sit down and discuss the porblem.

Feb 6, 3:13PM EST0

Do you prefer to work as a freelancer or would you like to have a corporate job?

Feb 6, 11:01AM EST0

I work as a freelancer because I have clients that endeavor to promote charity, equality around gender, sexuality, and race.

Feb 6, 3:12PM EST0

Is a digital content creator earning a lot? Do you believe itā€™s a financially stable job?

Feb 6, 10:34AM EST0

definitely, when I started self-employment. I made sure I had enough funds and investmentĀ savedĀ from my previous employment. I understood what money I wanted to earn in order to save towards pension and holiday. This is not easy, cheap or stable - it takes time and persistence.

Feb 6, 3:09PM EST0

What type of content do you specialize in? Writing, graphics, videos?

Feb 6, 9:41AM EST0

all of them I really like editing videos and creating graphics

Feb 6, 3:05PM EST0

How do you deal with pressure like when a client is never satisfied or when deadlines are approaching?

Feb 6, 9:05AM EST0

I personally have not been this situation but my advice is to do something to the best of your ability and if you have to leave the job make it clear to the client you don't like to leave a project but their manner leads to the situation. Ā (as long as the contract allowsĀ for that)

Feb 6, 3:03PM EST0

How do you deal with criticisms and numerous revision requests from clients?

Feb 6, 7:45AM EST0

I thrive off of criticism and revisions are a great way to learn. I would much rather learn from pushing myself and develop then everything I do no one ever asks for changes or just praises. Ā 

Feb 6, 2:59PM EST0
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