AMA#Being Perfect in your imperfection

Barke Kamuss
May 11, 2018

Write down all your answers on a blank sheet of paper 

•What is your name?

•What do you like and love doing?

•What do you see when you look in the mirror?

•Do like spending time with yourself by yourself?

•Who is surrounding you?

•Do I love what I do for work?

•Do you love yourself?

Read your answers out loud and rate them from 1 to 10, 1 is the lowest and 10is the highest. Ask yourself how much you want to be perfect and be yourself too? What step do you need to take get you there? Who can assist you in this journey?when do I have to see the difference in myself?

Action Time: who I am as a person, my personality that makes who am what I like and love to separate me from other people and it starts with my name, my appearance, my colour, my smile, my voice, my affection, my emotions, my dreams, my choices and my actions. Nobody can be me but only you have greatness within you and with that, you can help others and help yourself by allowing yourself to be you, you can achieve everything you want.

Letting go if your past by starting to with simple reflection on your past of what you have learnted, experience and gained, 

Everything we get challenged for has a reason with to teach us or appreciate what we already have or are in the moment

we are resilient and we are strong and we do have the will to achieve all


Eat Well 


just breath

Do something fun (swimming, dance naked, sing, walk, holiday and family time)


What is the Vibe of this AMA? What is AMA Vibe?

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How do you find motivation in dealing with various issues of life?
May 18, 2:40PM EDT0

Start to deal with issues of your life that you can feel great when achieving them and that’s the best motivation you need every time as it’s only come from you 

May 18, 2:51PM EDT0
How important is nutrition to young millennials for their later years? Should they start taking their fitness serious in the late 20s?
May 17, 7:24PM EDT0

It’s very important to any age and when you start early to eat well, have fitness regime  and maintain it for years now that it a healthy and balanced life should be🙏🏽

May 17, 7:39PM EDT0
Is it okay to be alone in life and still be happy and content because there are plenty of things to appreciate nature, animals etc?
May 17, 4:35AM EDT0

it all start with a single sperm connected with egg to create you, unique and amazing person with a gift of free will and your choice that you made to choose to be alone in life and fulfil yourself by doing things and and going places that makes you happy and content as you appreciate it ohh yes do that everyday and when you want to share with someone even if it’s a short or longer it’s your choice in the matter but always make make you happy first🙏🏽

May 17, 5:11AM EDT0
How can one respect time and effort invested by others on their career path? What's the best way to repay?
May 16, 5:50PM EDT0
What can a person do if he/she doesn't feel like working on a given day?
May 16, 5:45PM EDT0

sometimes we have to take time off and when we our body is telling us to slow down or to rest then we need to listen to it

May 16, 6:53PM EDT0
How can a person achieve their physical fitness/body goals if they know they need to work on it to become little better?
May 15, 6:39PM EDT0

When a person wants to make a difference in themselves and set goals to achieve the their physical fitness and body they have to plan what day/s, time and durration of the of actual physical fitness regime and what to eat to maintain your body and the person can do it by themselves or get support by health coach to talk about their goals and get right support, right strategy and right accountability to achieve their goal without stress, worries or giving up before they start🙏🏽 

May 16, 3:28AM EDT0
How can someone have their partner expect their imperfections as perfect?
May 15, 11:22AM EDT0

The secret of being perfect in your imperfection is to accept who you are and your flaws and then when you have a partner and as they won your heart and willingly to live and being with them and every time you’re with them you appreciate them for who they are, 

always lookfor what is working well and the challenges  in your relationship and ask yourself can you live with them as who the’re  and not to try to change them as you can only change yourself,

May 15, 5:45PM EDT0
How important do you feel is self-love in today's time and why?
May 15, 4:20AM EDT0

Self love especially this life we live in is very important to have so you look after you and then you look after others, for example;-  it’s like having a car with full tank is a happy car and will get you anywhere but now think of your car without fuel how would you get from to one place to another? 

May 15, 5:17AM EDT0
You talk about letting go off the past. At times you come across negative people who are negative because of their lack of understanding not because they are negative in their actions. If one let go of the past and such people, isn't it like preventing a headache to yourself when in real may be those people may need you for their upliftment and improvement? How can one stay back and just help someone see more of the world/life without having to get affected by that negativity?
May 14, 11:01AM EDT0

Letting go is all about you so you can grow, succeed, be more understanding of others and live your life for you

I chose to be an empowerment Speaker by inspire and influence others to live their life in their purpose

you have to choose quality people in your life who brings you up and see your worth and most importantly is you have to choose not to be sucked in by someone who can not see what their doing to themselves or ready to change and you have to choose yourself as you can only change you but not anybody else until there ready to that for themselves🙏🏽 

Last edited @ May 14, 6:12PM EDT.
May 14, 5:06PM EDT0
Why would a person use health coaches over doing their own research online?
May 14, 7:05AM EDT0

As a health coach myself the program is design for personal invidual needs to suit them, by supporting, step-by-step strategy, habits and lifestyle and more, 

A lot of people know what to do but don’t do it they need support from someone who won’t judge or make them feel bad about there situation their in and some who tried all diets and still not working so I come into their lives to show something different that they haven’t tried yet

May 14, 2:35PM EDT0
What kind of person does well working with a health coach?
May 14, 2:59AM EDT0

A person is determined and  consistent in achieving their desired goals

May 14, 4:58AM EDT0
What is your career objective? Why you are who you are?
May 14, 1:03AM EDT0

Great question🤓 I have reached my career objectives as empowerment Speaker, life and health coach and author due to the experience that I have gained and seeing other people going through similar situation I a was in and that lead me to my career path I’m in

May 14, 5:07AM EDT0
Do you meet lots of people seeking help live a calm life away from hassles of today's time?
May 13, 2:29PM EDT0

Yes, a lot of people wanting hassle free, better health and happiness lifestyle. 

May 13, 5:15PM EDT0
Who is your biggest role model and why?
May 12, 7:47AM EDT0

I have to say Opra is one of them as she had challenging past and the way she build herself up by using resilience, determination, eccaptance and her greatness that is within her and come out winning but more iconic leader in this life and that is what I want from myself 🙏🏽

May 12, 10:51AM EDT0
What are the official institutions that cover work on building healthier personalities, and to which one can address for help if needed?
May 11, 7:00PM EDT0

There’s one that I know of and it’s called Mind, 

you can also work with someone like a coach as to 1 to 1 and that support you and have accountability 

May 11, 8:37PM EDT0
Have you ever thought about writing a book on what you do?
May 11, 6:43PM EDT0

Ohh yes, I’m writing a book and by end of this year and many more to come after that 

May 11, 8:10PM EDT0
Do you think that learning about self-motivation should generally start with family, and what do you think is the biggest setback with families today, in a sense of forming a healthy personality?
May 11, 12:32PM EDT0

The biggest set back with families is with different reasons and one of them is parent are too busy with their own lives, doubting, no time for family togetherness or safe environment for both parent and children,


It all start with you as a person before you become a parent, 

a parent who is has self motivated, self love, self worth and most of all resilient in yourself and when that parent share the same beliefs and that will be happy family unit 

May 11, 12:53PM EDT0
How can we let go of the past and still keep all the precious experience in the right way?
May 11, 11:49AM EDT0

It all start with gratitude!

i would like to invite you to take a moment by going in place of peace and if you’re not a meditation person then find a quite place and with peace of paper and a pen and start to think of your past and remember you’re safe place, 

now look at all the what happened the bad and don’t rush it go step by step and then look at all the good it give from the experience, choices, impact and most of all where it lead you to now in the present, 

with all that  comes out the good and better for you, now it’s time to let go and by being grateful for what you have now.

May 11, 12:34PM EDT0
What do you consider is of the biggest essence when fighting with the problems you take on?
May 11, 7:43AM EDT0

The biggest think you have to do is think of your problem as an opportunity and all you have to do is make the right choices now most people thinking the opposite of that and that’s when everything becomes over whelming and lose control 

May 11, 8:14AM EDT0
If you were not what you are today, in a professional sense, what would you choose to be?
May 11, 7:30AM EDT0

That’s a great question and I have always wanted you to help others and my first career choice was to a teacher and I tried it didn’t like it, so I wanted to a social worker, police lady, fire fighter as you can see all my life I’m being pulled my strong force to be a leader and surround myself with great leaders

May 11, 8:10AM EDT0