Ask me anything about living a decentralized life for total freedom, abundance, and happiness.

Mark Manney
Jan 23, 2018

The Blockchain Revolution is based on the principles of decentralization.  Decentralization is revolution.  It is the awareness that all forms of centralized power are the problem (and never the solution). It is a reshaping of our lives, and subsequently all of society around our true identity.

By aligning your life with the principles of decentralization, you are free from fear, happy, prosperous, and free. You can be you, but only if you align with your true identity.

I live a fully-decentralized life today and can show you the way. The path isn't easy, until it instantly becomes effortless.  In this talk I go through the Structures of Decentralization, which necessary to make your breakthrough: relationships, space to exist as you, a daily spiritual practice, a source of income, and technology.

Decentralization is the revolution.  It is now.  Ask me anything.

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Can you give me 3 actionable tips I can do today to promote my book online :)

Jan 22, 7:01PM EST1

Sure, here is my advice:

1) Don't promote your book. Just live your truth, be of service to others, be great, and people will find out about you.

2) As an unknown indie author (my assumption), a great place to find an audience is free-ebooks.net. (https://www.free-ebooks.net/ebook/Be-Love-How-to-End-Pain-by-Escaping-Your-Ego).  You won't make any money, but at least people will read your work.

I would love to know your tips as well! :-)

Jan 23, 5:05AM EST0

Thanks for the ebooks.net website :)

I try to create lots of free content on my blog and social media

Jan 23, 8:33PM EST0

I'm thinking of reading you book Belove.

What will I learn from it?

Jan 22, 7:00PM EST0

You will learn what love really is, and that it is the opposite of ego. You will learn how to completely obliterate your ego, and will find that you never needed it to begin with.  Oh, you will also learn what exactly ego is.  You will end suffering and you will live in love and abundance....maybe not just from my book, but also from the other book references you will find in it.

Jan 23, 5:07AM EST0

Thanks :)

Jan 23, 8:31PM EST0

What would decentralization look like in a relationship look like?

Jan 22, 12:56PM EST0

Great question.  In simple terms, decentralization means you never depend upon one source of anything. You may very well be completely satisfied with one partner, but that can't be a rule. You would both have to be theoretically open to the idea that you do not possess each other.  You do not derive your sense of identity from each other. You realize that love is as abundant as the air we breathe...it is within you and all around you; therefore, you have nothing to fear.  

I've had both kinds of relationships: a 20+ year marriage filled with ego, shame, blame, jealousy, and control....then (thankfully) I'm currently in a 4 year "open relationship" with perfect peace and harmony...though it isn't like we are running around with other people (because there's no need).  

Decentralization means fully-connecting with your partner as a person (as opposed to your relationship conforming to socially-accepted forms). When you both do this, neither of you have any reason for jealousy...and likely no reason to stray.  Maybe you can even have some fun together. ;-) 

Jan 23, 5:11AM EST0

You talk about spirituality and then crypto currencies, how do those two work together? Does one not exclude the other, how can you be spiritual but attached to money?

Jan 22, 11:19AM EST0

Great question, and great point that you cannot be attached to money.  You cannot be attached to anything. Of course I'm not suggesting that you need to be a cryptocurrency holder to be spiritual...that would be absurd.  What I am saying is that decentralization, if it is going to work for you or for the the world, needs to involve a "consciousness revolution".  

If we allow centralized institutions authority over us, we will constantly be exploited by them...our bodies and minds polluted by them...our time and energy taken up by them....our fears planted in us by them. 

But, if we shift our lives to completely ignore institutions...to live according to timeless, eternal spiritual truths...then we can quiet the mind, we can find peace and happiness, we can live in perfect bliss, health, and love. Owning cryptocurrency frees us from banks...provides a great deal of wealth if we are patient in time...and puts our wealth outside the control of centralized institutions.  When we find a way to do this in all aspects of life, we are free.

Jan 23, 5:16AM EST1

Everything you're saying sounds just right, decentralization looks like the right path to follow. :)

Jan 24, 3:39PM EST0

You say decentralisation is the key to freedom and happiness though when you look at history the masses usually don’t make great choices if they have no rules to follow. Everyone wants the best for everyone in theory but when it comes to it everyone would chose their wellbeing above the others’ followed by that of their loved ones, then country, culture etc. That freedom and respect for self and others works in smaller communities and groups but on a large scale not sure that is the case. That is not to say that the system we have in place now is perfect but a totally decentralised one I’m not sure is better either. That goes somewhat beyond the realms of your project I guess but generally where do you see the limits of decentralisation then if any?

Jan 22, 9:36AM EST0

Decentralization, but only when combined with a consciousness revolution, is a fundamental change. No revolution, or any form of governance, will ever achieve anything good or worthwhile as long as it remains within the realm of ego.  Centralization keeps us within the realm of ego...both through force and through mind control. 

Think about activism today. We are told to try to work to change a government that will not change. We are told to boycott corporations who will not change.  We can complain about schools, but they only seem to get worse.  Change comes when we realize that we already are complete.  We don't need to ask anyone's permission to live exactly the way we were meant to live...today!

Decentralization must be combined with spirituality because we must see ourselves as connected, in love and spirit, with other human beings. We must see ourselves as invulnerable. We must learn that fear isn't real. We must know our true identity. This requires a shift in perspective inward.  As long as you think the problem is external, that change is hopeless, that it is impossible to be perfectly happy, safe, and rich in every area of life...as long as you think change is in the future...nothing will ever change.

Decentralization now is about revolution in a holy instant.  It is.  I'm living it.  I'll show you.

Jan 23, 5:29AM EST0

Are there any disadvantages of using cryptocurrencies?

Jan 22, 7:11AM EST0

Any form of money carries risk.  If you have dollars, what value does it have in relation to Euros or Bitcoin?  The trick is to diversify across fiat and cryptocurrency.  Of course the main "disadvantage" of crypto is that you have rely on yourself. You have to learn how to use the technology, to maintain your own security. You can't rely on a bank to help you if you mess up.  That's what decentralization is all about.

Jan 22, 7:19AM EST0

How is the value of a cryptocurrency determined and where is it stored?

Jan 22, 4:30AM EST0

In my view, every cryptocurrency has a unique (and very different) source of value. In the case of IAM, the value is derived from unleashing human potential via the mobile app.  In the case of ETH, it has to do with its token creation capabilities, smart contracts, and of course the strong, proven blockchain.  In the case of Filecoin, for example, the value is that it taps into unused file storage.  I could ask....what exactly is the source of value of fiat currency (USD)?  

Jan 22, 7:02AM EST0

What message do you pass across through your music?

Jan 22, 4:09AM EST0

I guess my lyrics / music has to do with connecting with yourself...exploring the inner-world...observing the world outside. You can listen to Abscondo on Apple Music or other sources.  Probably the best album is "Victory in a Landlocked Sea".  Very proud of that one. Kind of you to ask.

Jan 22, 7:04AM EST0

Have you written other books in the past? If any, mention them?

Jan 22, 3:44AM EST0

My most recent book is called Belove: How to End Pain by Escaping Your Ego.  It explores the topic of love in relation to spirituality...but goes in directions you may not expect (including non-monogamy). You can download the ebook for free at my blog: www.abscondo.com or available Amazon Kindle.

Jan 22, 7:06AM EST0

What is IAM by Infobeing? How does it work?

Jan 21, 4:52PM EST0

It is mobile app in development, for release later this year.  It allows users to describe who they are and what they want by submitting structured sentences.  Sentences are matched, so that you are effortlessly introduced to people who are perfectly compatible.  This is going to cause a massive shift toward decentralization.  People will begin connecting with each other to buy and sell / get things done.  Right now, there is no easy / systematic way to meet exactly the right people based on a compatible need.

Jan 22, 7:08AM EST0

How can someone live a decentralized life in a centralized system?

Jan 21, 4:43PM EST1

That is a brilliant question.  How do we live both within and outside these institutions?  Here are some thoughts:

* Hire / work with independent contractors as much as possible

* Buy cryptocurrency such as BTC or ETH (storing your wealth outside of banks)

* Become an independent contractor and find multiple sources of income so that you don't rely on a job.

* Ignore all commercial media, especially news.

* Read, especially spiritually-oriented works such as The Power of Now or Untethered Soul.

* Meditate, to quieten your mind and become aware of your true identity.

* Love everything and everyone unconditionally.

* Create and serve, which is the source of value and abundance returning to you.

* Do not agree to any relationship or structure which limits your freedom to express yourself and be yourself. 

Of course we need to comply with laws, but not become fear-obsessed with them. We may need to send our kids to school, but remind them that it isn't real...it is a game...it isn't really what matters in life (love does).  Of course we need to earn income from companies, but treat the people you work there as human beings and never limit yourself to just one employer. Stop deriving satisfaction from shopping / commercial endeavors.  Cultivate human relationships instead.

Jan 22, 7:14AM EST0

What is your new book about? Who is your target audience?

Jan 21, 2:58PM EST0

It is about love....true love...which is another word for God. It is about how to completely destroy your ego so that you can end all suffering forever and be free.  Most people don't even know this is possible, but millions of people around the world have learned otherwise.

Jan 22, 7:15AM EST0

What is the source of inspiration for your new book and music?

Jan 21, 10:04AM EST0

All inspiration comes from our connection with the invisible realm of the universe. Some have called it God, or the Tao. You could call it Love-energy.  Inspiration is what happens when you learn to ignore your chattering mind...when you do nothing and allow inspiration to use your body as an instrument.  Would you agree?  What do you think?

Jan 22, 7:17AM EST0

Are you from a music-oriented background? How did you start your music career?

Jan 21, 9:24AM EST0

Hi Nicz, well...thanks for asking, but I really wouldn't call it a career.  I love music, started playing guitar, starting writing songs, then it felt like performing and recording was the things to do.  I am grateful for these experiences and will probably create more music someday.  Are you a musician?

Jan 21, 9:41AM EST0

What advice do you have for people who would like to live a decentralized life?

Jan 21, 8:08AM EST1

Hi Cyndi, well it is really all about exploring your inner-world.  To do this, it is necessary to realize that what we perceive as the "external world" is designed to prevent you from doing that. We are constantly told the rules, told what to do, told what to think. Decentralization is knowing true identity and true value. Value is from another realm. I discuss the details in the talk (please see the link).

Jan 21, 9:44AM EST0

Do you self-publish your books or use the conventional publishing method?

Jan 20, 5:35PM EST0

In what ways do you assist people who want to live a decentralized life?

Jan 20, 1:18PM EST0

Great question Shanell. Beyond the talks and spriritual writing, I am creating a mobile app called "I am" by Infobeing (www.infobeing.com). "I am" will allow us to define our true identity in the form of structured sentences, and then match people together based on compatibility.  It works better than fate to bring the right people into your life, so you can meet, work together, buy and sell....nothing is more powerful or valuable than two minds joining together harmoniously.

Jan 21, 9:46AM EST0

What challenges have you faced charting the course of your chosen fields?

Jan 20, 12:03PM EST0

The only significant challenges come from our own minds. Not accepting "what is" unconditionally and lovingly leads to a lot of uneccessary struggle. The biggest mistake people make in business or career is trying to "get" when the focus needs to always be on serving others, creating, giving.  The spiritual path teaches us that giving and receiving is exactly the same thing. There is no separation. Just keep serving with gratitude and happiness, and accept everything that comes.

Jan 21, 9:48AM EST0

Sometimes it is hard to keep this in mind when everybody is in the rat race, chasing promotions and money. How do you think people can change the focus from this to personal growth and helping out others?

Jan 27, 12:33PM EST0

Do you have any social media account that will enable you to have a better engagement with your audience?

Jan 20, 9:25AM EST0
How can living by the principles of decentralization help to achieve freedom, make one happy and free of fear?
Jan 20, 9:22AM EST1

Well as I mentioned in the talk, it isn't easy.  But what is?  The fundamental shift we need to make is to begin trusting your own intuition, begin trusting other people, begin connecting with other people without fear. Most of all, stop waiting for government, business, or any other institution to solve your problems. Nothing is stopping you from being perfect love and happiness now.  Ignore all that other stuff.

Jan 21, 9:50AM EST0
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