Hello everybody! I am Giovanni, a travel deals hunter writing remotely for a travel blog, while living and enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle! Just converted my travel hobby into a "job" and I am super happy now! Ask me anything!

Giovanni Cunsolo
Jul 17, 2017

Working at night in an Indonesian gazebo

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What's a typical day in a digital nomad looks like?

Jul 16, 3:19PM EDT0

Wake up, sometimes go to the beach or some excursion and sometimes go to find nice cafes where to work :)  Is very important to balance the touristic life with the working time.... is a harder mission than you can imagine. On the night, when I stop to work, I stay 2-3 hours more on my laptop to develope future projects. Weekend I try to have sone fun :)

Jul 18, 6:56AM EDT0

Do you have your own blog?

Jul 14, 4:18PM EDT0

No, I have only Instagram account where I document my trips. I am working on my personal blog though :)

Jul 18, 6:54AM EDT0

What kind of discounts were you able to score?

Jul 14, 11:07AM EDT0

Europe to Cuba for 140 euros return ticket, for example!

Jul 18, 6:54AM EDT0

Where are you from?

Jul 14, 8:21AM EDT0


Jul 18, 6:54AM EDT0

What are some of the best places you have been to and recommend?

Jul 14, 6:44AM EDT0

I recommend Bali, for sure. Mystic and amazing island!  Singapore as well, utopistic and perfect city...a melting pot of different cultures!

Jul 18, 6:53AM EDT0

Best places for honeymoon, at a great price for end of year, 2017?

Jul 14, 4:46AM EDT0

If for end of the year you mean New Years Eve...there can't be never great prices for that period, unfortunately. Then, it depends where are you travelling from

Jul 18, 6:53AM EDT0

I want to be a writer to, sounds so exciting. Tips?

Jul 13, 2:42PM EDT0

Take care of your social media channel...  create good content and "sell yourself" , engage people. Instagram , facebook...they are the besis of the social success. Adveritse your content when you can

Jul 18, 6:52AM EDT0

How did this turn from a hobby to a job?

Jul 12, 10:34PM EDT0

I sent a cover letter to travel blogs spontaneously and here we are :)

Jul 18, 6:51AM EDT0

Travel miles, credit card miles, what is best you think?

Jul 12, 7:16AM EDT0

What are some tips you can share about travel bargains?

Jul 11, 11:24PM EDT0

Uff...too many. where are you travelling from?

Jul 18, 6:50AM EDT0

Do you really call this a 'job'? Sounds like a dream, not work.

Jul 11, 11:15PM EDT0

I struggled to call it a job at the beginning. I was skeptical...now yes, is my job. Being a traveller full time sounds dreamy but can affect the production. I really need to be careful and can't visit everything in one place

Jul 18, 6:49AM EDT0

What is a digital nomad?

Jul 11, 8:46PM EDT0

A digital nomad is just a definition of a person who is working remotely and not living in the same place for a long time. Is a lifestyle, a philosophy. No routine, no stability...you are a citizen of the world

Jul 18, 6:49AM EDT0

Do you run your own travel blog?

Jul 11, 7:57PM EDT0

No Preston, I don't. I am talking about my travels on my Instagram account and working on a personal blog, probably will be online soon

Jul 18, 6:48AM EDT0

How do you like being able to travel, write, earn? Sounds like a dream life!

Jul 11, 7:42PM EDT0

I love it!  Is my dream life, indeed. I didn't know the power and possibilities of working remotely when I was a student....  now I am very satisfied of my life

Jul 18, 6:47AM EDT0

How do you find travel deals? What sites?

Jul 11, 7:16PM EDT0

Mostly all the sites available for everybody. Deals are out there....you just need to find them! ;) Experience and patience

Jul 18, 6:46AM EDT0

How would you go about planning a "round the world" trip?

Jul 11, 12:49PM EDT0

I would plan it by myself, of course. If you know the routes to take advantage with, can be cheaper than the agencies prices. Feel free to ask me more if you want organize it!

Jul 18, 6:46AM EDT0

What is the best time of the year to travel?

Jul 11, 6:00AM EDT0

I travel all year around :) Chasing the sun, mostly. I am not a real "winter person" eheh. Sicilian blood on my veins

Jul 18, 6:45AM EDT0

If someone wants to follow your footsteps, what would you recommend?

Jul 11, 2:49AM EDT0

I would recommend to research carefully on the internet which jobs can be done remotely. After that, you will understand if some of them suits you. Then you start study to reach your goal. We need to be creative, stubborn and optimistic. Can't be easy at the beginning...we must "create" ourselves

Jul 18, 6:45AM EDT0

What are the most underrated places for couples?

Jul 11, 2:47AM EDT1

Dear Tammie, no idea :) I am single

Jul 18, 6:44AM EDT0

Do you travel alone or with a partner?

Jul 10, 11:10PM EDT1

I always travel alone! I started 7 years ago and never stopped. Sometimes I invite someone...or join someone on my way but basically I am always traveling alone.

Jul 18, 6:43AM EDT0
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