Hello, I am Evans. I am a topnotch bidder on upwork freelancing site. I can help you land on you first jobs "Ask me Anything" AMA

Njinju Kariuki
Sep 17, 2017

Upwork is an online platform where students and graduates can start earning money at the comfort of their homes. On this platform  clients post jobs/ assignments on different kind of skills. To be able to start earning one needs to create or register an account with upwork as a freelancer. This is quite simple and almost everybody can do it (But still if you have some problem with creating one, don't  worry, I am here for you).

 However, the main problem is always getting started i.e  finding your first job.  This mainly because, unlike other already established freelancers, as a newbie you have no any rating or reviews of the previous works. So no client is willing to trust you with his/her work because he/she is not sure if you will do it as per his/her expectation. One may get easily discouraged and end up giving up. Don't give up, I am here for you. Ask Me Anything about bidding on this platform,  I will guarantee you your first assignment. 

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hi, i am newbie in upwork. I recieved 2 job proposals so far but then after I replied to their messages, I end up hanging and disappointed. can you please tell me why and help me how to attract employers?

Oct 25, 9:36AM EDT0

I would like to follow up on some of the questions here, can you provide a sample of how appealing you make one's profile? I have an Upwork account too and I have been offered a lot of jobs to which some I accept and some I decline but for those who have not landed a single job yet, perhaps you can provide them just 1 sample so they won't give up? 

Last edited @ Sep 18, 10:39PM EDT.
Sep 18, 10:38PM EDT0

Do you offer this service on other sites too?

Sep 16, 3:43PM EDT0

Hi scott,

Right now no but  I am planning to do so soon.

Sep 17, 7:00AM EDT0
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What in your view has the best potential in terms of making money online?

Sep 16, 12:24PM EDT0

What do you advise to someone starting off as a freelancer on Upwork? How important is it to make a portfolio? Is it possible to get ratings by doing gigs for free?

Sep 16, 10:41AM EDT0

hello Amladi, doing gigs for free? no. Nothing comes for free. Maybe what you can do is to charge your first clients slightly lower amounts so that you can get jobs and earn good ratings and reviews. I would also advice new freelancers on upwork to upload their portfolios if may be they have been working on other platforms.  This really helps to build trust and show experience.

Sep 17, 7:08AM EDT0
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Are you going to hire me and rate me so I get a first assignment?

Sep 16, 8:19AM EDT0

Hello Tracylopez, No I will not hire you. What I usually do is to customize your account so that it becomes appealing to your potential client. Your profile and skills need to attract new clients. This is what I basically do. I will also write for you an appealing proposal to win your first job.

Sep 17, 7:12AM EDT0
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How can you help?

Sep 16, 2:28AM EDT0

I will customize your account and write for you an appealing proposal for your first jobs.

Sep 17, 8:03AM EDT0
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How do you guarantee my first assignment?

Sep 16, 2:22AM EDT0

Hello Melissa,

I will customize your account and write for you an appealing proposal for your first jobs.

Sep 17, 7:14AM EDT0
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Where are you from and what gave you the idea to help others start?

Sep 16, 1:00AM EDT0

Hello Djohnson,

 Where I come from I think is not very neccessary, but the point is; the idea of helping others was motivated by the difficulties I went through at first and also after observing my friends and peers going through the same.

Sep 17, 7:25AM EDT0

Why is it not important where you are from, I'm not racist in any way but I want to know who I deal with and who handles my informaton, do you know what I mean?

Sep 17, 3:05PM EDT0

Do you know any tricks?

Sep 16, 12:14AM EDT0

Hi Daniella, 

Yes I know some tricks, I can help you get started.

Sep 17, 7:26AM EDT0

Would you share some on here?

Sep 17, 3:13PM EDT0

Can you give me dummy ratings or how are you going to do this?

Sep 15, 11:29PM EDT0

Hi Katherine, thanks for your question.

No I won't give you dummy ratings, I will customize your account and write for you an appealing proposal for your first jobs.

Sep 17, 7:28AM EDT0

What is an appealing proposal? Do you have a link to someone's proposal you did that you could share a link to?

Sep 17, 3:08PM EDT1

Do you need to be very disciplined when you work at home?

Sep 15, 11:15PM EDT0

Hello Tran,

Sure discipline is just paramount. You should take online work just like any other office work. You must be able to manage your time, arrange your tasks inorder of urgency. You must also be able to communicate effectively with your clients. This is a real job.

Sep 17, 7:32AM EDT0

I hear you. How do you deal with family or friends who don't take your work 'serious'?

Sep 17, 3:01PM EDT0

How many clients do you have on average per month who ask you for help?

Sep 15, 10:07PM EDT0

Are you on facebook or twitter so I can follow you?

Sep 15, 7:29PM EDT0

How much time do you spend online each day?

Sep 15, 6:53PM EDT0

Hello Christopher,

 I am always online. I have to be available when clients need me. When I am not online I always have an automatic response message to tell my clients that they should expect me back after some minutes.

Sep 17, 7:38AM EDT0

Wow, do you not feel as if you are constantly working?

Sep 17, 3:20PM EDT0

How long have you been working with upwork?

Sep 15, 4:47PM EDT0

Do you make a reasonable living with what you are doing?

Sep 15, 4:15PM EDT0

Hello Crystal,

Definitely I have been making some good. This job has been paying all my bills for more than 5 years now.

Sep 17, 7:43AM EDT0

Excellent, good for you! How did you come up with the idea and do you have a lot of competition?

Sep 17, 3:39PM EDT0

Will you give me a fake resume with big companies?

Sep 15, 3:27PM EDT0

Hello Alicia, 

 I won't do that, that is not what i usually do.

Sep 17, 7:44AM EDT0

Cool, I was worried I would have to lie because that's not what I would do normally. 

Sep 17, 3:19PM EDT0

Sounds great, exactly the problem I'm having. How much do you charge, is it a one off fee? How long will it take for you to get me my first job?

Sep 15, 2:32PM EDT0

Hello Emily, 

Your problem is now half-solved. Usually I take less than a week to land you to your first job. I have been charging $50, just a one off fee.

Sep 17, 7:48AM EDT0
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Who are your 'typical' clients?

Sep 15, 2:21PM EDT0

Hire Marcus, A very good question. On this platforms clients vary across all fields. Depending on your skills a client can be anybody. You may be a writer for example, your potential clients maybe bloggers, students, companies which need content for their websites, University and college tutors, the list is endless.

Sep 16, 5:04AM EDT0

So you don't have a special group then that you could be more successful with than others, right?

Sep 17, 3:23PM EDT0
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