Hello. My name is Grace. I am a Professional Writer and Virtual Assistant. I write Unique and fully SEO optimized articles, blog and product reviews. Ask Me Anything

Grace Bennett
Sep 9, 2017

A designer of Professional, Responsive and Mobile Optimized websites with cross browser integration. I am a prolific writer and content provider with more than (5) years working experience in article writing, Blog Posting, proofreading, and editing.

I am quite adept at providing the highest quality of customer service. I have a knack for diffusing escalated interactions with the ability to inspire trust and confidence in clients while exhibiting professionalism at all times.

Also, I possess good social media skills. I create and manage accounts across several social media platforms for several businesses. I have been a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT to top CEOs, Executives and Website owners. I currently manage contents for over 50 business websites and I can help you make your business grow. I currently work at a Web Hosting and Design Firm where in my capacity as the team leader, I write contents for websites designed by the firm, design responsive websites, create and manage social media handle for our clients.


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Hi grace, i have a problem, a web site which i setup for my friend, is not among google search result, even i search with domain name , i did indexing, web crawl and everything, still same result, for other search engines, it is work without problem , do u have any idea about that ? Here is the web link www.arduinoshop.lk

Sep 9, 9:44PM EDT0

Do you write every day? As a writer myself, I find it hard to write on a daily basis.

Sep 9, 6:17PM EDT0

Hello Isreal, not every day but close enough. I can relate, daily writing it's not easy. But I found that, if I'm working on a new subject matter, the words flow better, and the joy of learning outweighs every other thing.

Sep 9, 6:46PM EDT0
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Can you give me some tips regarding facebook marketing.

Sep 9, 12:42PM EDT0

Facebook marketing is a wide niche, I would recommend you check out Fred Lam's YouTube channel. He is an authority on all things Facebook

Sep 9, 2:55PM EDT0
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Hi Grace do you offer free courses about SEO?

Sep 9, 10:42AM EDT0

Hello Ecner,No, I do not offer such course at the moment. There are some wonderful resources on YouTube for that, you should check them out.

Sep 9, 2:53PM EDT0
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How can I monetize product reviews?

Sep 9, 12:31AM EDT0

By offering to write them for people who need an honest review of their products.

Sep 9, 2:52PM EDT0
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Do I need to do a proficiency test when I register on a freelancer site?

Sep 8, 10:24PM EDT0

Not all. With some, it's about what you can offer your clients.

Sep 9, 2:42PM EDT0
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Do I need to know about a subject in order to write an article?

Sep 8, 10:05PM EDT0

That's where research comes in. A writer is a reader. You read up until you can speak authoritatively about a subject matter.

Sep 9, 2:41PM EDT0
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What tips would you give an amatuer freelancer, when they have decided that this is what they too want to do for a living?

Sep 8, 8:18PM EDT0

Like I said in a previous comment: It's all about dedication, commitment and getting the right platform. Also, you have to be undoubtedly good at what you do.And don't be afraid to start.

Sep 9, 2:40PM EDT0
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Are there any sites where I can register as an article writer and what is the average pay per article?

Sep 8, 7:51PM EDT0

You should check out fiverr and upwork. The pay depends on you.

Sep 9, 2:39PM EDT0
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What in your view has the best potential in terms of monetizing?

Sep 8, 6:57PM EDT0

Web design, definitely.

Sep 9, 2:39PM EDT0
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How easy/difficult is it to make money with reviewing products?

Sep 8, 6:51PM EDT0

It's all about dedication, commitment and getting the right platform. Also, you have to be undoubtedly good at what you do.

Sep 9, 2:38PM EDT0
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You seem to be very busy, how many hours per day and days per week do you work?

Sep 8, 6:37PM EDT0

I work an average of 14 hours a day and 6 days a week

Sep 9, 2:37PM EDT0
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Is it better to write articles for someone else or to make a blog and write for it?

Sep 8, 6:04PM EDT0

You earn from them differently. If you write for people, you get paid for the job done. If you write for yourself, you promote something and earn from adverts or affiliate marketing.

Sep 9, 2:35PM EDT0
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How does it work if you work through a freelancing site, do you have to pay the site commission or a flat fee to connect your with clients?

Sep 8, 4:58PM EDT0

It's mostly by commission from every project.

Sep 9, 2:33PM EDT0
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When you do take a break or vacation, do you take your work with you?

Sep 8, 4:56PM EDT0

Oh, I take breaks. Just last month, I was totally off work. I only did some small jobs for my long term clients with urgent needs.

Sep 9, 2:32PM EDT0
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Which of the jobs you wrote about has the most potential in your view and why?

Sep 8, 4:54PM EDT0

They all serve different purposes. I intend to someday be a consultant and I am currently learning all I can from the different jobs I am doing.

Sep 9, 2:30PM EDT0
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Have you ever encountered any problems in terms of payments from your clients?

Sep 8, 3:54PM EDT0

None, so far. But I know people who have had one payment issue or the other.

Sep 9, 2:29PM EDT0
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I have registered as a VA and have all the skills but because I am new and have no recommendations I don't get any work. How can I change this around and what can I do to get a job?

Sep 8, 3:52PM EDT0

I would suggest you get on online job boards and site. Also look into freelancing, it provides a wider range of opportunities.

Sep 9, 2:28PM EDT0
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What kind of degree do you need to have, for a company to know you have the credentials to do the job requested, when it comes to your field?

Sep 8, 3:15PM EDT0

That's a tough one. Some people are born writers. So their degree notwithstanding, they will always write well. Nowadays, it more about your portfolio, how well you can adapt and how well your writing style suits your potential employers.

Sep 9, 2:24PM EDT0
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How long does it normally take for you to complete 1 piece of writing? How many words on average do you write in 1 piece?

Sep 8, 2:50PM EDT0

The number of words varies from one project to the other hence, the time varies as well. An article could range from 300 words to 3000 words.

Sep 9, 2:22PM EDT0
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