Hello, The last couple of years I am a freelancer. I will answer your question. AMA about the below topics.

Nov 13, 2017

 welcome to my room..!!!

I started my career in sales and marketing the last couple of years. my skills have amenities to work closely with many small and medium-sized business. I have strong possession of Lead generation, web research, data entry, data scraping, social media marketing, document conversion, article writing. feel free ask me any question. I will  try my best to drop your answer



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do you use elance?

Nov 14, 12:19PM EST0

Do you use Upwork?

Nov 12, 10:50AM EST0

How has the way you do business or the services you're able to offer changed since you went out on your own?

Nov 10, 5:48AM EST0

How important is incorporating trends in your marketing strategy?

Nov 10, 5:33AM EST0

Which parts of marketing are the most challenging for you?

Nov 10, 2:37AM EST0

What ongoing sales or networking efforts do you do today?

Nov 9, 11:20AM EST0

What marketing strategies would you consider in product selling?

Nov 9, 10:36AM EST0

What kind of help do you offer to businesses that are not yet web savvy?

Nov 9, 10:31AM EST0

What kind of experiences have you had working with various businesses?

Nov 9, 9:28AM EST0

What made you want to start freelancing? Was it something specific or the result of a long series of events?

Nov 9, 5:40AM EST0

Do you make it clear to your clients how you're helping them (besides the fact that you're writing code or designing or whatever)?

Nov 9, 5:40AM EST0

How much do you charge?

Nov 9, 5:25AM EST0

How do you communicate effectively with long-distance clients?

Nov 9, 5:13AM EST0

How do you followup with your past clients? Is this followup sequence tailored to get you repeat business or referrals?

Nov 9, 1:51AM EST0

What tools do you use?

Nov 9, 1:10AM EST0

Do you have a blog?

Nov 8, 11:40PM EST0

What are the advantages of being a freelancer?

Nov 8, 6:36PM EST0

What services do freelancers offer?

Nov 8, 6:16PM EST0

What's your unique selling proposition (USP)? What distinguishes you from your competition

Nov 8, 4:27PM EST0

Who are your partners? And who could you partner with to offer your clients a better product, or help you when you have too much work / not enough work?

Nov 8, 2:47PM EST0
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