Hello there, i am Zorana, hyperactive freelance architect. I have visited a lot of coffee shops all around Serbia with my laptop by my side, working and tasting awesome coffees at the same time. Ask me anything! #FreelanceAMA

Zorana Elek
Jun 16, 2017


I am Zorana, architect in love with coffee. I have visited a lot of coffee shops all around Serbia with my laptop by my side, working and tasting awesome coffees at the same time.

I have traveled a lot since my remote career started, four years ago.

If you need any suggestion about coffee shops, please be free to ask, or ask me anything! #FreelanceAMA

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What would you recommend to someone who wants to try coffee for their first time

Jun 18, 7:50AM EDT0

I would recommend home made coffee made in Serbia :)

Jun 18, 5:44PM EDT0

Hey, Zorana! I'm from Serbia, too. Which coffee shop would you recommend most? :)

Jun 17, 1:09PM EDT0

Awesome! You should try Black Diamond in Kafeterija :)

Jun 18, 5:44PM EDT0
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What's your favorite coffee shop?

Jun 17, 10:08AM EDT0

Hi, my favorite one is Social@ :) its a near by coffee shop where i like to drink coffee made on hot sand

Jun 18, 5:43PM EDT0

How do you ""come down"" after a day of drinking coffee?

Jun 15, 6:42PM EDT0

i am not drinking coffees all day long :) two max.

Jun 16, 7:09AM EDT0

What are your tips for finding wi-fi at shops?

Jun 14, 5:12PM EDT0

i always check it first on foursquare.

Jun 15, 9:26AM EDT0

How do you avoid getting interrupted when working in shops?

Jun 14, 2:27PM EDT0

I am very hard to interrupte when i am working. :)

Jun 15, 9:26AM EDT0

What are some pro tips for placing a coffee order?

Jun 14, 10:57AM EDT0

Be sure what you like first. Do not order something just because of the fancy name. Ask barista how he or she prepare the specific coffees, and explain them what you like to try :)

Jun 14, 1:26PM EDT0

What is the difference between espresso and strong coffee?

Jun 14, 9:46AM EDT0

espresso is short coffee drip, strong is from more roasted beans :)

Jun 14, 1:25PM EDT0

How does working freelance differ from being a consultant?

Jun 14, 3:37AM EDT0

Consultant is just giving advices, i work on real projects :)

Jun 14, 7:37AM EDT0

Does coffee have taste notes like wine and craft beer?

Jun 13, 10:32PM EDT0

Craft beer is better :)

Jun 14, 7:36AM EDT0

How do you avoid distractions when working from a coffee shop?

Jun 13, 8:34PM EDT0

When i woirk sometimes i forgot what day it is. So the people around me is not that big problem :)

Jun 14, 7:36AM EDT0

What is the perfect gift for the coffee lover?

Jun 13, 8:13PM EDT0

i love cute little cups :)

Jun 14, 7:35AM EDT0

Are you at all worried about the health effect of a coffee habit?

Jun 13, 7:44PM EDT0

I do not think that coffee is not healty. Sugar is danger :)

Jun 14, 7:35AM EDT0

What are your favorite times of day for coffee?

Jun 13, 3:41PM EDT0

I love to drink coffee around 5 pm. After lunch when i have my rest time.

Jun 14, 7:34AM EDT0

What is your criteria for choosing a work laptop?

Jun 13, 11:51AM EDT0

Must have good performances. Now i am using asus rog.

Jun 14, 7:33AM EDT0

Would you ever switch to decaf, and why or why not?

Jun 13, 9:39AM EDT0

I tried. But it does not taste good. :)

Jun 14, 7:33AM EDT0

What are your favorite coffee chains, and why?

Jun 13, 7:38AM EDT0

I do not like coffee chains, i love to sit in coffee shops that prepare coffees by themselves.

Jun 14, 7:32AM EDT0

Is coffee drinking very popular among native Serbians?

Jun 13, 7:25AM EDT0

Yes it is. Most of us like the turkish coffee. 

Jun 14, 7:32AM EDT0

What brand is your home coffee maker, and how much did it cost?

Jun 13, 5:54AM EDT0

Here in Serbia we have great coffee, roasted in small coffee shops, that smells amazing and taste even better. We drink coffee just with water, no creams, milk and so, so you can feel the real aroma. It coast around dollar per 100gr.

Jun 14, 7:31AM EDT0

How can you tell a novice by their coffee order?

Jun 13, 3:08AM EDT0

People likes what they likes. I try not to be judgmental about their choices.

Jun 14, 7:30AM EDT0