Hello..I am Mahfuz; I am an expert Illustrator with 4 years of experience and I'm able to turn a real picture into cartoon within minutes. Ask Me Anything about it.

Mahfuz Pial
Aug 6, 2017

If designing seems troubling to you, hope I could help you with my experience and expertise. 

I love to work on both fun & illustrative, and professional graphics for businesses. 

Whatever you have in your mind; just say and let's start


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Let's get started!

What software/s do you use?

Aug 8, 9:29AM EDT0

What do you think about MS Visio?

Aug 7, 11:50AM EDT0

It's very difficult to work from home. How do you concentrate on work?

Aug 7, 11:49AM EDT0

Haha..concentration is really the base thing. No matter where do you live; just create a 'work-place' type environment around you. 

Hope that'll work 👌🏻

Aug 8, 9:34AM EDT0

Is your work paid well?

Aug 7, 11:41AM EDT0

I think the payment depends on how much time I get myself involved into something. 

But don't expect the payment too high because right now there are a lot graphic designer who struggle hard to find a job. Hence the payment is decreasing 

Aug 8, 9:40AM EDT0

Do you often have funny stories in your work?

Aug 7, 11:20AM EDT0

Yeah. So often 😄

But there's always an opposite side of acoin 

Aug 8, 9:45AM EDT0

Does freelancing provide weekends and holidays?

Aug 7, 11:00AM EDT0

Depends on how you handle your clients and the power of your conviction 

Aug 8, 9:48AM EDT0

How many clients do you manage at the same time?

Aug 7, 10:58AM EDT0

Not more than 2 if you don't like to mess things up.

Aug 8, 9:50AM EDT0

Which project do you consider the most successful?

Aug 7, 10:39AM EDT0

Project that satisfies client..easy 

Aug 8, 9:51AM EDT0

Do you work with Photoshop?

Aug 7, 10:20AM EDT0


Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator aremust.

Aug 8, 9:52AM EDT0

What rules do you follow in your work?

Aug 7, 10:18AM EDT0

Client's opinions are always greater than yours

Aug 8, 9:54AM EDT0

How much time do you spend on one project?

Aug 7, 10:09AM EDT0

How much time per day do you spend on work?

Aug 7, 9:58AM EDT0

How do you cope with competition in your field?

Aug 7, 9:48AM EDT0

I always keep learning new things and that's what helps me.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is a clear way of communication. 

I repeat; communication skills are as much helpful as yourdesigning skill.

Aug 8, 10:01AM EDT0

Why did you choose cartoons?

Aug 7, 9:21AM EDT0

Passion is the key to success; that's why I followed my passion.

I've been a good cartoonist from my childhood 

Aug 8, 10:03AM EDT0

Do you often have no orders?

Aug 7, 9:20AM EDT0

I think everyone faces this situation. You cant just come and conquer 

Aug 8, 10:05AM EDT0

Where do you find your clients?

Aug 7, 9:17AM EDT0

What sites do you work on?

Aug 5, 5:46PM EDT0




Aug 8, 10:07AM EDT0

What do clients typically dislike about working with you?

Aug 5, 12:20PM EDT0

Nice question

I only wish I knw the answer 

Aug 8, 10:08AM EDT0

What tools do you use?

Aug 5, 9:57AM EDT0

How do you work long hours and avoid burnout?

Aug 5, 9:28AM EDT0
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