Hi, I am a Hasibul Ahmed and i am a YouTuber. Facing problems with your YouTube carrier? Ask me anything.

Jul 14, 2017

I have been on YouTube since 2015, started uploading the next day. Since then, I have over 10 million views, have over 30k, and I love it. I do music lyrics and movie trailers videos. Ask me anything at all, I'm at your service. 

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Do you get advance screening releases of music and movies to review?

Jul 14, 5:06AM EDT0

Any advice for new YouTubers?

Jul 13, 10:03AM EDT0

work hard, don't loos hope, always follow your competitors and first try to become like them and then try to do something better than them.

Jul 13, 12:28PM EDT0

Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?

Jul 13, 7:43AM EDT0

well, its carryminati, banglatalkies, rnar, buttfix and many more. :D

Jul 13, 12:31PM EDT0

Why can content I have permission to use be removed or blocked?

Jul 13, 5:17AM EDT0

if its blocked, you can file a dispute. it wil unblock your video. but surely it depends what type of video it is.

Jul 13, 12:33PM EDT0

Best thing about YouTube?

Jul 13, 4:33AM EDT0

The best part I love about youtube is its huge collection. I can get/find anything I want through youtube. :)

Jul 13, 12:34PM EDT0

What has been your favorite video project?

Jul 13, 4:01AM EDT0

Music lyrics.

Jul 13, 12:34PM EDT0

How can I promote my channel better?

Jul 13, 1:21AM EDT0

you can promote your channel via google adwords. or you can also share your videos in facebook and then promote or boost your post. :)

Jul 13, 12:36PM EDT0

Why did YouTube let an abusive claimant remove my video?

Jul 12, 10:38PM EDT0

well, its youtube. noone surely knows nothing about youtube algorithm. However if your video was removed by false claimant you can creat a counter notification.

Jul 13, 1:37PM EDT0

What inspired you to start making videos?

Jul 12, 10:28PM EDT0

People around me inspired me.

Jul 13, 1:38PM EDT0

How do I get permission to use someone else's content in my video?

Jul 12, 9:45PM EDT0

You can request the content id of that video you copyrighted to the owner.

Jul 13, 1:40PM EDT0

Why was content I recorded or purchased myself removed?

Jul 12, 9:39PM EDT0

You can creat a counter notification. If its really your content you video will be restored.

Jul 13, 1:41PM EDT0

Is this your hobby, or do you make a living at it?

Jul 12, 9:20PM EDT0

Both, first it was only hobby but finally it became my support also.

Jul 13, 1:42PM EDT0

What is the most common mistake new YouTubers make?

Jul 12, 8:06PM EDT0

Channel optimizing

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Jul 13, 1:43PM EDT0

Will I receive royalties directly from YouTube for uploading my videos to YouTube (part of the advertising revenue, for example)?

Jul 12, 7:56PM EDT0

Yes, but you will have to request for content id. If its approved then you will get royalties

Jul 13, 1:45PM EDT0

How do you make money on Youtube?

Jul 12, 7:32PM EDT0

by linking adsense with my channel.

Jul 13, 1:48PM EDT0

What is your favorite type of music?

Jul 12, 6:07PM EDT0


Jul 13, 1:50PM EDT0

How many videos do you currently have on your channel?

Jul 12, 5:01PM EDT0

I have222 videos 

Jul 12, 5:45PM EDT0

What are your goals when it comes to YouTube?

Jul 12, 2:51PM EDT0

My goal is to become e great and famous youtuber.

Jul 12, 5:46PM EDT0

Worst thing about YouTube?

Jul 12, 2:16PM EDT0

Recently the worst thing about youtube is its channel suspending algorithm.

Jul 12, 5:47PM EDT0

What video editing software do you use?

Jul 12, 12:37PM EDT0

its adobe premier pro. I also use filmora. 

Jul 12, 5:48PM EDT0
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