Hi I'm Syed. I get freelancer for different types of project and help them building their career. Ask Me Anything!

Syed Mahfuz
Oct 11, 2017

I've accomplished a lot of freelance project. I've more than 8 years of experience on freelancing. I'm expert at:

# E-Commerce and Store Management

# Business Promotion, SEO, SMM, SEM, Adertising

# Market Research, Market Analysis, Product Launch

# CRM & ERP Management

# Blogging, Articulation, PR

# Email Marketing, B2B, B2C

# Website Development, Web Content Management

# Bisuness Development and Consultation

I believe I can help you using my potential experience and well aligned skill sets. Ask Me Anything!

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What sites do you work on?

Oct 11, 5:16AM EDT0

Thanks for your question! I work mostly with Upwork and LinkedIn.

Last edited @ Oct 13, 2:23AM EDT.
Oct 13, 2:23AM EDT0

Is data entry paid per hour or by the amount of data that is entered?

Oct 10, 11:03PM EDT0

It depends on the contract type. Most of the cases its been paid hourly.

Oct 11, 1:08AM EDT0

Hi, Syed thanks for this great AMA!

I thought you would be interested in the upcoming AMA from our Host, Joey

Oct 10, 10:49PM EDT0

Hi Caroline, yes of course!Thanks for your suggestion. I'm highly interested!!

Oct 11, 1:12AM EDT0

What else are you passionate about outside of work?

Oct 10, 9:23PM EDT0

I'm passionate about Social Work, Travelling, Hiking and Bike Riding.

Oct 11, 1:10AM EDT0

If you also Vlog, are you physically involved or do you just narrate?

Oct 10, 12:57PM EDT0

Actually, sometime I physically involved and sometime I just narrate.

Oct 10, 1:17PM EDT0

In simple terms what is the connection between social content & SEO?

Oct 9, 5:30PM EDT0

If you imagine SEO as a 'Car' then Content will be the 'Wheel'. A Car can't move without Wheel in the same way SEO won't work without Content.

Oct 10, 11:34AM EDT0

What are the top topics you’ve found really resonate with the readers?

Oct 9, 2:50PM EDT0

Frankly speaking, I found 'monetizing' the top most topics resonate with the readers, no doubt!

Oct 9, 3:16PM EDT0

What topics seem to get the most engagement?

Oct 9, 2:18PM EDT0

It depends on the situation based on the geographical location. For instance, in the States right after the national election the much talked issue was 'President Donal Trump'. Nowadays in Bangladesh and Myanmar (South Asian country) Rohingya topics is much talked and got a huge engagement. So, it differs place to place basis on the socio-economic situation. But I believe, of course, recent incidents got the most engagement.

Oct 9, 3:13PM EDT0

What are the benefits optimizing for the major search engines?

Oct 9, 6:33AM EDT0

There're so many benefits optimizing for major search engines. First of all, you'll get huge traffic (impressions and clicks) for your website. On the other hand, SEO will help you reach the right traffic/targeted audiences. Also SEO will help your website to be found on Google without having to buy ads. So, you can save your valuable money!

Oct 9, 7:55AM EDT0

Is it better to write articles for someone else or to make a blog and write for it?

Oct 9, 1:41AM EDT0

Actually, it depends on your target. For monetizing it is the best way to write for someone else and that way you can make money faster. So, fix up your target!

Oct 9, 1:56AM EDT0

What is the best topic in terms of getting work and being paid for articles?

Oct 8, 7:54PM EDT0

Most of the writers are researching and brainstorming to figure out the best topic for their articles. Actually it doesn't matter what the topic is but it matters how the article is to be written. Try to use some trending issues and use your knowledge, language and experience. If you still looking for the best topic for your article, I suggest, write about anything you experienced in your lifetime and make it interesting.

Oct 9, 1:47AM EDT0

What is your blog address/link? What is it about?

Oct 8, 6:18PM EDT0

Hi David, for some reason I won't be able to share my links here. Sorry for that!

Oct 9, 1:57AM EDT0

How can I keep track of my rankings in Google?

Oct 8, 3:36PM EDT0

There're many other tools to track rankings in Google. But all-in-all Google Analytics is the best solution!

Oct 9, 1:22AM EDT0

What in your view has the best potential in terms of monetizing?

Oct 8, 3:19PM EDT0

As a freelancer, being a Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Programmer is the very best way to earn money. For this, you need to be dedicated and have a can do mind setup!

Oct 9, 1:15AM EDT0

Is it ok to build backlinks only to my homepage?

Oct 8, 2:15PM EDT0

If you want to increase your domain authority, then your understanding is right. But if you would like to increase the visibility of the other page of your site then you need to build up links for and anchor text for that specific page. Generally, people work on their homepage to rank up in the search engine. But it is also important to work on your inner pages in order to optimize your keywords for the respective contents of your inner pages.

Oct 8, 2:58PM EDT0

What is the biggest mistake people make with their websites?

Oct 8, 1:34PM EDT0

Actually, there're a number of mistakes can be figured out when I visit to a website. But one of the most common and biggest mistakes is not having a compelling headline. When I jump to a page I don't know what the page is representing. So, you must have a compelling headline on the homepage/opening page of your website. If it is a landing page, let people know why they're here and what the page is for.

Oct 8, 2:44PM EDT0
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