Hi! My name is Geraldine, I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the Philippines. I will gladly assist you with any type of property investment. ASK ME ANYTHING.

Sep 9, 2017

Detailed information of various Real Estate Properties:  ============================================


available inventory, updated pricelist, location, etc


where you can buy prime properties for investment or for your personal use with very good location and value appreciation of the particular property


advice as to where you can invest in real estate in the Philippines


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Do you have a website that shows your current listings?

Sep 9, 7:13PM EDT0

Can foreigners actually own the property? Or is it some kind of lease?

Sep 9, 6:18PM EDT0

Which areas, in your opinion, are likely to provide the highest ROI? 

Sep 9, 5:26PM EDT0

Which company offers the best mortgage rates?

Sep 9, 3:41PM EDT0

What rules apply to foreigners buying real estate in the Philippines?

Sep 9, 2:40PM EDT0

As a foreigner, what do I need to know before purchasing property in the Philippines?

Sep 9, 10:50AM EDT0

What are the advantages / disadvantages of buying land as opposed to an actual property?

Sep 9, 9:38AM EDT0

Do you offer real estate in your town or how big is your area where you market your properties?

Sep 9, 8:35AM EDT0

Would you consider the Philippines a safe country to live within for tourists?

Sep 9, 1:28AM EDT0

Are you specializing in commercial buildings or luxury real estate or do you sell and rent everything?

Sep 8, 7:15PM EDT0

Do you work together with other real estate agents, i.e. if you have a client and you don't have a suitable property, do you check with colleagues if they have a property and you share the commission?

Sep 8, 7:15PM EDT0

Do you see any value in investing properties in Samal Island?

Sep 8, 2:46PM EDT0

Are houses in the Philipines expensive? How many clients do you get in a typical month?

Sep 8, 2:39PM EDT0

How long have you been working within this field?

Sep 8, 12:58PM EDT0

more than a year.

Sep 8, 1:35PM EDT0

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Sep 9, 9:57AM EDT0

Do you have residential areas that offer 24/7 security for its residents?

Sep 8, 12:55PM EDT0

yes, we do.

Sep 8, 1:24PM EDT0

How big are these residential gated communities?

Sep 9, 10:55AM EDT0

Are you working alone or how many colleagues are working with you?

Sep 8, 10:19AM EDT0

I am working alone as a freelance broker, i have no sales agents under me yet.

Sep 8, 12:42PM EDT0

I understand. How many listings do you have?

Sep 9, 10:31AM EDT0

Which type of properties do you generally sell most of?

Sep 8, 9:08AM EDT0

I sell all types, depending on what clients prefer. 

Sep 8, 12:43PM EDT0

Ok, let me rephrase that. What kind of property is most in demand?

Sep 9, 10:36AM EDT0

On what platforms do you advertise your properties?

Sep 8, 8:09AM EDT0

Social Media (Facebook)

Sep 8, 12:47PM EDT0

Do you get many clients from that? Do you not advertise in property sites?

Sep 9, 10:18AM EDT0

What is the average 3 bed house and apartment price in a decent area?

Sep 8, 6:36AM EDT0

No less than 4MM Philippine Pesos

Sep 8, 12:52PM EDT0

Ah ok, how much is that in USD roughly?

Sep 9, 10:55AM EDT0

What is the cost per square meter average in the properties you have sold?

Sep 8, 5:47AM EDT0

it vary, depending on what type and where it is located (since I sell all types of properties)

But, to give you an idea, some condos sell at 4.2MM with an area of 30.90 sqm (135k per sqm)

house & lot at 4.3MM with a lot area of 194sqms (22k per sqm)

Sep 8, 1:10PM EDT0

Wow, those are tiny condos. I didn't think prices were that high. 

Sep 9, 11:06AM EDT0
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