Hi, my name is Jay and I have started a micro job community where writers, coders, web designers and others, can present themselves clearly and get paid a fairer price than is currently available. Ask me anything!

Johnston Otaigbe
Sep 10, 2017

Freelance writers, coders, web developers and programers are often forced to accept pittance for very time consuming work. This may be due to the truly international nature of any online opportunity, but people need to earn a living comensurate with their skills, location and cost living. A writer in London, UK can not be expected to write a ten thousand word article for $2. They would not be able to eat! Web content has become too cheap and buyers often get what they pay for but good quality writers often struggle to find proper paying gigs.

https://micro-jobbers.com will address this by encouraging high quality writers to post their micro-jobs for free in order to attract a fairer price for quality work. If we all set proper pricing we can become known as the one stop shop for quality!

Visit https://micro-jobbers.com to check out the micro job community.

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Are agencies accepted in this platform or just individual freelancers?

Sep 11, 8:44AM EDT0

Strictly speaking, freelancers are generally individuals providing services to buyers. However, many agencies are just in the beginning stages and may consist of just one or two members. Nothing stops one of them setting up an account and working and we could never know if any freelancer is actually a larger company. Most larger companies would already have their routes to market and would not need a freelance site anyway. More importantly, so long as quality work is provided at the agreed price then who really knows or cares? Just being honest.

Sep 11, 4:48PM EDT0

How many subscribers would this site need in order to make a difference?

Sep 11, 2:36AM EDT0

If one freelancer gets paid what they are worth for providing a fantastic service, then a difference has been made. In terms of the site becoming the go-to site for high quality micro-jobbers, there can never be enough subscribers. 500 high quality micro-jobbers across most categories would be fantastic because then you have a formidable army to attack the industry and provide an all-round service.

Sep 11, 3:36AM EDT0

Sorry to sound pesimistic, but isn't this is a simple case of supply and demand? Whereby when supply is higher than demand, prices go down?

Sep 10, 11:22PM EDT0

Partially, you may have a point. But, high quality freelancers are not born as quickly as opportunists with no real speciality but just doing anything to survive. The high-end buyer will always need a higher standard than is widely available and we can be competitive without being so cheap we only attract the desperate and hungry. Of course, the desperate and hungry freelancers still have to work somewhere. I suggest they use the sites already available.

Sep 11, 3:40AM EDT0

Since the base price will higher than, say, Fiverr, how do you keep the level of work high? Are there tests that freelancers have to take?

Sep 10, 10:09PM EDT0

Currently there are no tests although this may change with time. However, buyers do not have their money released for payment unless they are happy with the work. And admin can arbitrate to resolve disputes.

Sep 11, 3:43AM EDT0

Great idea, but with so much competition how can we avoid having our prices undercut?

Sep 10, 9:31PM EDT0

Undercutting will always happen if a buyer is comparing between alternative suppliers. If we keep our standards high and attract the best reviews we should keep high quality clientele. Freelancers can create their profile and promote it to attract the types of buyers that pay top dollars for top class work. If the community becomes well know for quality then those looking for quality content will find it easier to get it right first time. Time is money and jumping from one cheap freelancer to another can be frustrating.

Sep 11, 3:46AM EDT0

Will you have categories for writers that specialise for example in medical or technical articles?

Sep 10, 6:16PM EDT0

Now that is a great idea. Thanks. Yes, thanks to your question this will be implemented. Of course, the writer could tag their articles as Medical or a Technical, but having categories to select would be a better way of doing it

Sep 11, 3:48AM EDT0

How do clients pay, do they pay the company (you) first and then you send the payment on to the freelancer or how does it work?

Sep 10, 8:18AM EDT0

Yes, the client pays micro-jobbers first. The money is held until the buyer receives the finished product. The payment, less 15% commission, is then paid to the freelancer by PayPal.

Sep 10, 9:29AM EDT0
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How many people are registered on your site to date?

Sep 10, 2:43AM EDT0

Only 28! The site is just 3 days old. Come across and make a difference if you have a quality service you charge for. I will be hosting regular events here on AMAfeed to keep you all updated with how everything is going and to give some helpful tips on how to best use the system.

Sep 10, 8:02AM EDT0
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When did you come up with the idea to build an alternative platform to other freelancing jobs?

Sep 10, 12:09AM EDT0

When I started feeling insulted by the attitude of web masters looking for the cheapest of the cheapest writers. And all this caused by those willing to work for next to nothing.

Sep 10, 7:59AM EDT0
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Have you had any positive comments yet or have people written testimonials yet?

Sep 9, 9:17PM EDT0

One or two testimonials only. We are really new at the moment but are hoping that more people join the community soon and start working. If you offer a type of freelance service then go take a look. The more the merrier! :)

Sep 10, 7:57AM EDT0
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Do people who join your site need to do a test to prove their proficiency?

Sep 9, 7:54PM EDT0

Not yet but that is something we are considering. We will try to limit barriers and weed out the rotten apples later or we could run the risk of alienating perfectly good freelancers.

Sep 10, 7:56AM EDT0

Is the website fully up and functionable?

Sep 10, 10:19PM EDT0

Do you offer a guarantee that the work the freelancers on your site do is top quality?

Sep 9, 7:53PM EDT0

We offer the option for you not to pay the freelancer if they have delivered utter rubbish! And we will back you on that. We hold the money and release payment when you give the say so! If they don't like that they can go elswhere to peddle their sub-standard offerings. Of fix up and deliver on point.

Sep 10, 7:54AM EDT0
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I like your website. I agree, writing an article for 2 USD is slave labor for anyone, no matter where they live. Do you have guidelines as to what minimum price people who register should charge?

Sep 9, 6:27PM EDT0

This is what we will be putting together as guidance notes, In theory, the cheapest you should charge for a well written and grammatically correct 400 word article, is about $20 at the very least. NAd that is really budget for a ood writer. Some may like to start that low to get work but what we have been seeing on other sites are people dropping to $0.50 for 100 words!!!! That's crippling for those of us living in the west dude!! I get a stomach ache regularly when thinking about how rubbish the industry has been made due to this. People are now posting reuirements for one thousand words for $2. Sick!

Sep 10, 7:52AM EDT0
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Will you have any influence of what freelancers charge or is that entirely up to them?

Sep 9, 6:26PM EDT0

It is entirely up to the freelancer but we can intervene to advise on cheaply priced work. We can remove freelancers that do not meet our high standards. This may not be immediate but if they do not have any respect for the industry and insist on acting like cheap tricks we'll have to deal with them.

Sep 10, 7:46AM EDT0
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Where do you market your website?

Sep 9, 5:31PM EDT0

For now it will be purely social media and, of course, AMAfeed! I want to push free or nearly free methods for as long as possible. There may come a point where I have to reconsider that position.

Sep 10, 7:44AM EDT0
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Do you aim to offer more quality than other job sites?

Sep 9, 5:27PM EDT0

That will be the USP moving forward. Of course, we have to have a balance and want to get people working to start with. It is going to be an interesting journey if we all want to earn along the way. I am an article writer and was fed up with trying to compete with alleged writers that seemed to be able to survive writing ten thousand words for 50pence.

I am also a freelancer on the system and will fight like hell to keep the quality high!

Sep 10, 7:43AM EDT0

How long have you been a freelancer and what sites did you use to find clients?

Sep 10, 11:28PM EDT0

How long has your website been live?

Sep 9, 5:12PM EDT0

Just a few days and thats why I'm here to get opinions and maybe some soldiers!

Sep 10, 7:40AM EDT0
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I saw a web development offer for 5 USD, that's not exactly a fair price to design a website is it?

Sep 9, 4:25PM EDT0

No it's a load of rubbish and will be removed. Quality has to be monitored and the human eye is the best monotoring software for that. Thanks for the heads up! The idea was that basic services can be advertised for $5 but the extras should bump the price up if used cleverly. To me $5 should be the charge to buy a domain name for someone, and that would not include the cost of the domain lol.

Sep 10, 7:39AM EDT0
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What incentives to people who look for freelancers have if they use your site?

Sep 9, 4:00PM EDT0

Easy to calculate their budget because the mjobs have a fixed price for their basic services. No haggling or being pitched to. When the site gains the reputation of providing high quality freelancers at a reasonable price then traction will be easier. Those used to help promote the community will also carry the torch for quality. No spam emails or poorly written cheap pitches. Just real talk from real people!

Sep 10, 7:37AM EDT0
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So, your platform is basically a freelance website? How do you plan to advertise to get clients to your website? Freelancers will definitely flock, but clients are so used to paying cheap for their work as they only care about money.

Sep 9, 12:32PM EDT0

Yes Brandon, I agree with you entirely. Getting clients is the uphill struggle ahead and no other way but to face it head on. I intend to find good writers and SEO specialists that join the site and actually use them to help boost the site in general. That will be my investment. By using the freelancers myself! That's part of my plan. I will, of course, carry out a lot of article marketing myself across various channels to increase exposure and encourage freelancers and clients. It will not be easy I know but has to be done.

Sep 10, 7:33AM EDT0
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