I am a dentist but I have recently started working as a freelance writer. I love to write and upwork is a great platform where I can express myself and learn new experiences. Dream big to achieve big is my motto. Ask me anything!

Dr. Aisha
Jun 18, 2017

Besides earning, freelancing is a fun activity. As a writer, I express my views and opinion, raise voice by words, connect with people and create awareness. Ask me anything 

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What are your most valuable tech tools for writing?

Jun 17, 10:52AM EDT0

I use simple tools such as MS word, adobe photoshop, word press, movie maker etc.

Jun 18, 5:12PM EDT0

Do you prefer to write fiction or nonfiction, and why?

Jun 17, 1:45AM EDT0

I mostly write on health related articles and blogs

Jun 18, 2:27PM EDT0

Does writing help you work your way through tough life events?

Jun 16, 6:42PM EDT0

Yes, while writing, I learn many ways to overcome the stressful life events and it gives me the motivation to go through the obstacles, however, application of theoretical things into practical life is not easy and it requires a whole new learning and techniques.

Jun 18, 5:09PM EDT0

What do you wish upwork did better?

Jun 16, 6:10PM EDT0

If it takes less commission on what client pays off

Jun 18, 2:28PM EDT0

What do your fellow dentists think of your freelancing gig?

Jun 16, 3:54PM EDT0

Well, I have recently started freelancing so very few fellows know about it. But those who know love it and encourage me to keep continue the good work

Jun 18, 2:29PM EDT0

What was the most challenging thing about being a dentist?

Jun 16, 1:17PM EDT0

We come across with patients with different age, gender, ethnical background, social status, race, color and religious beliefs. It is challenging to satisfy each patient according to their wish. Some patients are very demanding and want smile which they considered to be ideal. Sometimes, they just demand the smile of their favorite celebrity. Many patients have body dismorphic disorder (BDD) in which they are extremely sensitive about their appearance and blame on a doctor if they are not being provided according to their wish. So, it is indeed challenging to satisfy such patients.

Jun 18, 5:18PM EDT0

What authors most influence your own writing style?

Jun 16, 9:03AM EDT0

How do you get in the mood or mindset to write?

Jun 15, 10:09PM EDT0

Whenever I come up with any new idea, I grab my pen and jot it down on a piece of paper. Later, I organized those ideas during my free hours and compiled it up as an article

Jun 18, 5:22PM EDT0

Have you been writing for a long time?

Jun 15, 9:06PM EDT0

I have been writing on and off since i was a teenager :)

I used to write fairytale stories and novels before and now I mainly focus on health related blogs and articles

Jun 18, 2:31PM EDT0

How do you avoid getting ripped off as a freelance writer?

Jun 15, 8:58PM EDT0

Well, it is important to see the client history and the feedbacks that have been given by others on his/her profile. In addition, I always work for others on a reliable platform like upwork

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Jun 18, 5:24PM EDT0

What school course has proved most valuable to you?

Jun 15, 8:55PM EDT0

Did you consider using a pseudonym as a writer?

Jun 15, 8:23PM EDT0

No, I use my actual name 

Jun 18, 2:32PM EDT0

Are you the protagonist in any of your writing?

Jun 15, 6:16PM EDT0

Have you had to make any sacrifices since you started freelancing?

Jun 15, 4:26PM EDT0

Definitely, you do not earn a lot as a freelance writer compared to a dentist or orthodontist.  It is a big sacrifice for me to be a full-time writer at the moment. 

Jun 18, 5:26PM EDT0

What made you decide to make the switch?

Jun 15, 3:09PM EDT0

I have not switched my field. As an international orthodontist/dentist,  I have to go through the licensing exams in Canada to work. Therefore, I am working as a freelance writer until I get the certification for practicing dentistry. 

Jun 18, 5:31PM EDT0

What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

Jun 15, 2:22PM EDT0

The best thing about being a writer is to raise your thoughts and opinions through the power of written words.

Jun 18, 5:33PM EDT0

Have you made much money writing?

Jun 15, 11:02AM EDT0

Since I have recently started writing, I haven't earned a good amount of money. However, I believe if i work consistently and sincerely in this field i will probably earn decent money in it

Jun 18, 2:34PM EDT0

Who was your biggest influence in choosing to write?

Jun 15, 8:48AM EDT0

Are there any topics you won't write about, and why?

Jun 15, 8:31AM EDT0

There are many topics on which I have never written anything. I only write on the topics of my interest and where I can come up with new ideas.

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Jun 18, 5:35PM EDT0

What was the best thing about being a dentist?

Jun 15, 4:22AM EDT0

Best thing about being a dentist is to serve patients and giving them a smile of life :)

Jun 18, 2:35PM EDT0