I am Jannatul. Ask me anything about marketing.

Apr 9, 2018

I am proud to introduce myself in this platform. This is because I find this gracious platform as an opportunity for me to prove to myself and to respected clients as yourself. I can and will provide a creative, innovative, skillful and piece-of-art marketing. If you wish to stay focused on what you do best: your products/services, I offer a social media management service that includes: Strategy development Content creation for all your social media networks, focused on delivering real VALUE Post Scheduling Paid adverts management Daily monitoring – responding to comments and questions and encouraging connection Advice on your overall online presence (website, email marketing, etc)

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When marketing a service and your company has failed a second time customer, what tips would you give to win them back?

Apr 12, 3:31PM EDT0
What metrics do you use to monitor and report back on to your clients?
Apr 11, 7:58AM EDT0
What processes have you used to measure success?
Apr 10, 10:34PM EDT0
What does the ramp-up phase in a marketing strategy entail?
Apr 10, 5:11PM EDT0
What role does backlinks play in campaign success and what, do you believe, separates a quality backlink from a mediocre one?
Apr 10, 1:18PM EDT0
What are some of the project management tools marketers should use and which of these do you prefer?
Apr 10, 12:46PM EDT0
What are some of the important capabilities to consider when vetting a marketer?
Apr 10, 10:16AM EDT0
What does your specific SEO strategy include?
Apr 10, 10:12AM EDT0
Do you advocate for short or long-form posts with regard to content marketing and what are the benefits and shortfalls of each?
Apr 9, 11:30PM EDT0
If you could only enact one SEO tactic, what would it be and why have you chosen it?
Apr 9, 9:28PM EDT0
What are the different types of marketing software available and in which of these do you specialize?
Apr 9, 8:59PM EDT0

diffences marketing between asia and the western?

Apr 9, 4:35PM EDT0
What is your process for building audience personas?
Apr 9, 3:08PM EDT0
Do you currently have a marketing team or do you work alone and what are the reasons for this choice?
Apr 9, 12:14PM EDT0
How has SEO evolved over the last 5 years?
Apr 9, 11:59AM EDT0
How do you onboard your content to new industries?
Apr 9, 10:48AM EDT0
How much of your marketing responsibilities do you outsource and why?
Apr 9, 10:43AM EDT0
What, do you think, are the top three factors that make a piece of content successful and why?
Apr 9, 5:14AM EDT0
How do you decide which social channels you should pursue?
Apr 9, 1:51AM EDT0
What techniques do you use the measure the quality of your work and what steps do you take to ensure the desired quality is achieved?
Apr 9, 1:51AM EDT0
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