I am SEO and SMM extpert.. i will give all your problems solution. Ask ME Anything...

Alice Larkin
Jul 14, 2017

I have worked and gained in-depth knowledge and experience in Search-Engine Optimization (Link building), Social Media Marketing (mostly Facebook and Instagram), Virtual Assistance, Customer Service, Email Marketing

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Is Bing.com relevant as a provider of traffic?

Jul 13, 10:12PM EDT0

What is your favorite platform to conquer, Facebook or Twitter for SMM?

Jul 13, 7:28PM EDT0

If a site has a DA50, adding a NoFollow link there helps a site or is disadvantagous?

Jul 13, 6:35PM EDT0

What are you thoughts about content creation networks?

Jul 13, 6:08PM EDT0

How do you rank a site that has had negative history or parked?

Jul 13, 5:44PM EDT0

Is it a good idea to link your site in a PBN?

Jul 13, 2:12PM EDT0

What is the most cost effective way to have a backlink stratergy?

Jul 13, 10:43AM EDT0

How do you normally advertise your work?

Jul 13, 8:06AM EDT0

What is the current Google index update called?

Jul 13, 4:50AM EDT0

Can you recommend any good books to learn SEO/SMM?

Jul 13, 4:35AM EDT0

How much traffic can you generate from a SMM campaign?

Jul 13, 3:52AM EDT0

My site gets tons of comment spam, how much will that affect my ranking?

Jul 13, 3:06AM EDT0

Do you work full time or part time?

Jul 13, 1:22AM EDT0

How long does a normal SEO campaign last?

Jul 12, 11:53PM EDT0

Have you accepted jobs for % returned as an Affiliate instead of cash?

Jul 12, 10:50PM EDT0

How can I make a site popular in the social media?

Jul 12, 10:42PM EDT0

What are the blackhat methods of SEO?

Jul 12, 10:07PM EDT0

Do you work alone or are you part of a team? How many if a team?

Jul 12, 9:35PM EDT0

Who is your average customer?

Jul 12, 9:10PM EDT0

How different is SEO compared to SMM?

Jul 12, 9:03PM EDT0
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