I have been a customer service representative for four years now. Please ask me anything!

Nov 18, 2017

I have been a customer service representative for four years now. For that long span of time I can say I have acquired skills that a great customer service representative should posses. It is not an easy job just like any other jobs so I am very willing and very excited to share to you everything I have learned! So plese join my event and ask me anything. 

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Have you ever assisted in resolving a dispute between others?

Nov 20, 3:52AM EST0

Tell me about your worst experience because I have worked in CSI for over 6 years!

Nov 19, 4:53PM EST0

How can customer servicing be improved further?

Nov 19, 7:47AM EST0

What was the most difficult problem you handled at work?

Nov 19, 1:25AM EST0

What is your vision for your career?

Nov 18, 11:34PM EST0

How do you treat yourself after a stressful day?

Nov 18, 5:11PM EST1

1. I read books. 

2. I eat ice cream.

3. I watch movies or series. 

Depending on my mood. 

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Nov 18, 7:47PM EST0

Where do you want to be after 5 years?

Nov 18, 3:55PM EST1

I want to work in Japan or Thailand after 5 years. 

Nov 18, 7:46PM EST0

Are you more effective working with a team or by yourself?

Nov 18, 3:35PM EST1

It depends. :) 

Nov 18, 7:43PM EST0

Do you also get emotionally affected by your customers?

Nov 18, 1:49PM EST1

Yes, I also get emotionally affected sometimes. However, as much as possible, I dont let my emotions cloud my judgment because I am there to help them in the best possible way. 

Nov 18, 7:42PM EST0

Do you think customer servicing can be eventually dominated by AI?

Nov 18, 11:28AM EST1

I don't think so. AIs won't be able to connect to a customer's point of view and emotions. 

Nov 18, 7:37PM EST0

What have you done to improve your skills as an effective Customer Service Representative?

Nov 18, 7:17AM EST1

I have always listened to my supervisors' pieces of advice. 

Nov 18, 8:08AM EST0

What is your understanding of AI (artificial intelligence) as an alternative customer service provider?

Nov 18, 7:17AM EST1

I think having an AI as an alternative customer service provider is a good thing. The only downside of it is it does not have emotions and can be annoying most of the time. In a customer's perspective, I'd prefer talking to someone who can empathize with me. 

Nov 18, 8:15AM EST0

Can you give an example of when you helped resolve a particularly difficult customer issue?

Nov 18, 5:30AM EST1

I had one customer who didn't receive her order. She was very agitated, kept on shouting over the phone. I listened to whatever she said. I empathized with her. I made her feel I that I understood her. So when she was ready to listen to me, I told her to try to call her local post office which she did. We found out together that her package was still there. 

Nov 18, 8:34AM EST0

What is your challenging time? That's what you've crossed?

Nov 18, 2:05AM EST1

It was dealing with difficult customers.

Nov 18, 8:04AM EST0

Tell me about the most common problems with the products or services you previously supported? How did you deal with them?

Nov 17, 10:06PM EST1

The most common problem was those customers who were claiming they were not aware they took advantage of our VIP deals. They were surprised they were billed for the membership. Most of them were frustrated so I let them talk and vent out all their frustrations. I listened to them so they would feel I was willing to help them. 

Nov 18, 8:03AM EST0

What is your ultimate goal in life and how do you think you can achieve that goal?

Nov 17, 6:56PM EST1

Are you a call center hopper? How many BPOs have you worked with in the past?

Nov 17, 6:32PM EST1

No, I am not a call center hopper. I have only worked religiously in one BPO company for almost three years. I then have decided to quit and join a web-based solution company. I work in the Customer Service department. 

Nov 18, 7:51AM EST0

What do you do when you don't know the answer to a question?

Nov 17, 3:59PM EST1

I always try to be relaxed and ask the customer questions relating to their inquery to get some information. I then further check it to my supervisor to find some answers. 

Nov 18, 8:42AM EST0

Have you experienced a funny thing about your job? 

Nov 17, 12:11PM EST1

Yes, I have. I sound like a woman over the phone so I consider it funny when the person I am talking to thinks that I am a woman. When they call back, they usually argue to my colleagues and insist that they have talked to a woman and not to a man. I am not sure though if you consider it funny in your own perspective.

Nov 18, 7:40AM EST0

Are you a freelance customer service provider? 

Nov 17, 10:34AM EST1

I am not at the moment. 

Nov 18, 7:31AM EST0
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