I quit my job to become a six-figure freelancer, and it worked! Ask me anything.

Eric Rosenberg
Aug 8, 2018

Just three short years ago, I was sitting in a grey cubicle five days every week building a personal finance site (Personal Profitability) and freelancing business as a side hustle.

Fast forward to today and I make $10,000+ every month writing about money, entrepreneurship, and related topics! It's a dream come true, and I want to help you do the same.


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Why do you think it’s important for freelance writers to discuss money?
Aug 9, 11:53PM EDT0

I think it is important for everyone to discuss money, freelancers just have more reason to talk about it than everyone else.

In many professions, it is easy to find information to compete at sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Payscale. These types of resources don't exist for freelancers, so talking about money transparently can help ensure those at the bottom tiers don't get taken advantage of out of ignorance.

Further, freelancers have more money volatility than any other career path outside of owning a different type of business. That means freelancers need above-average personal finance knowledge to stay financially secure and avoid a big mistake or cash crunch.

Aug 10, 7:13PM EDT0
How to move on fast from bidding sites and clients that don’t pay well (and even avoid them altogether)?
Aug 9, 12:44AM EDT0

Networking and building relationships is key. I've built in-person relationships with clients going to blogging conferences. Those relationships have been far more valuable and lead to the best projects and client relationships.

Aug 9, 11:52AM EDT0

Do you feel like at home success can be taught or certain people just have it in them? 

Aug 8, 10:07PM EDT0

It can definitely be taught, though it is certainly not for everyone. Some people thrive in collaborate cultures like you get at an office. They might not have the self-discipline to succeed at home online even if they do learn the skills.

But if you have a good head on your shoulders and can stay focused without a boss, you can make it work.

Aug 9, 11:51AM EDT0
How can writers consistently come up with fresh and engaging content ideas – never be stuck for article ideas to pitch again?
Aug 8, 9:02PM EDT0

That's always a challenge even for the best of us! I like to use tools like AnswerThePublic.com to help me come up with related topics and sometimes look to Quora for questions people are already asking.

Aug 9, 11:46AM EDT0
What do you feel like is the most viable path for someone who wants to make a living writing?
Aug 8, 1:35PM EDT0

Just start. Like any other skill, writing is something that improves with practice. Start your own blog. Start writing for others as a side hustle. Grow it from there.

Aug 9, 11:45AM EDT0
What do you consider to be your greatest success (or successes) so far in your career as a writer online?
Aug 8, 11:45AM EDT0

I would have to say one of these:

1. Something I wrote published at  Time Money (time.com/money/5312782/student-loan-two-years-40000/)

2. Getting the headline on Huffington Post Financial Education for a day.

3. A nomination for freelancer of the year at FinCon 2017

Aug 9, 11:43AM EDT0
What is the smartest way to get out of debt?
Aug 8, 11:07AM EDT0

I'm a big fan of the debt avalanche method. I shared how I was doing it in this article a few years back - personalprofitability.com/my-debt-how-im-paying-it-and-the-snowball-effect/.

The basic idea is to make minimum payments on all debts outside of the one with the highest interest rate. Focus all extra dollars possible into that loan until it is paid off, then the next one until debt free.

Side hustles to increase your income are a big help. Automate your payments so you never forget. Pay as much extra as you can once you've saved an emergency fund.

Here's my big debt payoff celebration post - personalprofitability.com/paid-off-student-loans/

Aug 9, 11:40AM EDT0
What projects or businesses are you involved in other than freelancing?
Aug 8, 11:05AM EDT0

Right now, I have these big projects as areas of focus:

1. My own blog, podcast, and videos - personalprofitability.com/

2. Mastermind Hunt (a place to find and run mastermind groups) - mastermindhunt.com

3. Community Sharer (a tool for freelancers and community managers to curate and share amazing content) - communitysharer.com

Aug 9, 11:38AM EDT0
Do you think everyone could mimic your financial success? Don’t you think that sometimes it takes more than work to get successful? Isn’t there a bit of luck included in the equation?
Aug 8, 9:23AM EDT0

I don't think everyone can follow the same success, but I do believe a very large number of people can absolutely do the same. It takes hard work coupled with the right skills to make it online.

I don't think luck had anything to do with it, but being in the right place at the right time has been very beneficial. For example, had I never gone to FinCon, I would never have made the connections to earn what I do online. I wasn't lucky to have been there, I was hungry for opportunities and worked to put myself in the right position to succeed. That is something I think anyone can do if they put their mind to it. (Not necessarily in personal finance writing, but in their area of expertise.)

Aug 9, 11:37AM EDT0

How does a blogger graduate to contribute to publications like Forbes, Enterpreneur, Huffpost and the like?

Aug 7, 11:47PM EDT0

Keep practicing and improving your writing until you feel like you're ready. Once you do, there are some established channels to reach out and contribute there directly.

Most of my articles that have landed on those sites were syndicated through existing client relationships where the client took care of the posting to those sites.

Aug 9, 11:34AM EDT1
What are the major benefits or joining your YouTube channel?
Aug 7, 4:19AM EDT0

You'll get a new video every Friday with a short tip to help you improve your personal finances. And I try to make them fun too!


Aug 9, 11:32AM EDT0
Why did you call your blog Personal Profitability? What is the story behind this name?
Aug 6, 10:22PM EDT0

I came up with the name standing in the shower (where all good ideas seem to originate!). At my day job at the time, I was working on a big project on product profitability. I realized that my website - previously named Narrow Bridge Finance - was more about personal profitability than anything else.

I believe everyone should look at their money as a business. Focusing on your Personal Profitability is an all-encompassing theme of the blog, podcast, and new YouTube channel.

Aug 9, 11:31AM EDT0
What happened between 2015 and 2016 that made your online income go through such a boost?
Aug 6, 8:07PM EDT0

I quit my job in April 2016! When I went from part-time to full-time, my online income grew very quickly.

Aug 9, 11:27AM EDT0
What freedom did you gain being a freelancer that you didn't have before?
Aug 6, 3:05AM EDT0

I am in charge of my schedule completely. I can work at midnight or the middle of the day. As long as I get my work done, my clients are happy.

In the world of big companies, you more or less have to work regular 8-6 business hours and often have to work late or on weekends. No thanks!

Aug 8, 2:21PM EDT0
How did you know it was time to quit your job?
Aug 5, 7:17AM EDT1

After making $40,000 in revenue in 2015, I knew quitting my job wasn't too far off. (personalprofitability.com/online-income-tracker/)

Missing an entire day of my daughter's life because I was at work the entire time she was awake one day put me over the edge.

Aug 8, 2:20PM EDT1
What were a few of the struggles you encountered when your first became a freelancer?
Aug 4, 10:05AM EDT1

Learning how to raise my rates was tough, and something many freelancers struggle with. I found the best remedy to be asking for higher rates for every new client until someone says no.

This helped me more than 10x my rate from my first article to today.

Aug 8, 2:19PM EDT1
How surprised were you that you were able to reach this point of success being a freelancer?
Aug 4, 2:32AM EDT0

If you were to tell me at the start I would be making $10,000+ per month as a freelancer, I might have laughed at you! But if you told me I would be making this total working online, I would not have found it that farfetched.

I didn't expect to see this huge success in freelancing, but I did plan on getting it somewhere online. I just found after testing several strategies, such as running my own blog at personalprofitability.com/, that freelancing was my best and fastest route to six-figure income and self-employment.

Aug 8, 2:18PM EDT0
What has been your biggest achievement in the freelance world?
Aug 2, 1:55PM EDT1

I would have to say one of these:

1. Something I wrote published at  Time Money (time.com/money/5312782/student-loan-two-years-40000/)

2. Getting the headline on Huffington Post Financial Education for a day.

3. A nomination for freelancer of the year at FinCon 2017

Aug 2, 3:54PM EDT1
Many people hear that blogging has money but it is a little difficult for a beginner to figure out how to monetize a blog. What would advice be for such a person?
Aug 2, 12:53AM EDT0

You are spot on! Blogging is far from a get rich quick scheme. It took me eight years of hard working making very little before I was able to quit my job.

I would advise someone looking to go down this path to start as a side hustle. If you work hard, follow best practices, put out great content, and figure out how to rank well in Google or succeed in social media for traffic, you may be on to a great long-term success.

Aug 3, 5:02PM EDT0
Why did you pick on writing a personal finance blog? Did you have an interest in finance or was this a lucrative niche you picked on?
Aug 1, 10:40PM EDT0

I already had a love for personal finance. I had a finance degree (since earned a second), experience as a bank manager, and was debt free after college when I started the blog. Personal finance was a natural fit for me.

Aug 3, 4:59PM EDT0
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