I was working for a digital marketing agency, only to be told that it was downsizing due to financial issues and I was one of the unfortunate two to be retrenched. Since May, I have done several freelance jobs and still kicking it in to survive in the big city while my parents do not know of my situation still. AMA!

Jun 18, 2017

I moved to the city after accepting the offer as a Social Media Manager at a start-up company. Although I was enjoying my job, unfortunately my colleague and I were cut off by the agency after 7 months due to financial issues.

Crunch time at work :)

I was clueless what I needed to do to survive in the city and I dare not tell my parents of my situation because I do not want them to be worried of me. It isn't easy to get a job these days due to the current economy and I have been doing freelancing jobs since May. As much as I like the extra flexibility of working on freelance, I have to control my spending habits by cutting back on certain things. Not complaining but I like how these events have taught me to be thankful of better things :)

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How have your friends supported you since the downsizing?

Jun 18, 10:45AM EDT0

My friend's been treating me great as usual :) Some have recommended me to a few interesting vacant jobs though but most of the interviews that I have gone through told me that my asking salary is way above their expectation :(

Jun 18, 11:14PM EDT0

How will you plan for the future and retirement as a freelancer?

Jun 17, 10:43AM EDT0

Future wise, I am still searching for a permanent job. The freelancing is just for me to be busy and earn money at the same time. Though, once I have a job, I may or may not freelance. It depends on the nature of the job that is offered ;)

Jun 19, 12:11AM EDT0

Do you define yourself as a digital nomad, and what does that mean?

Jun 17, 4:45AM EDT0

I don't think that I am though because when I travel somewhere, I prefer not to work, you know? Only when I am tied down in the city then I will work. I'd like to think that being a digital nomad is someone who does freelancing/earning jobs digitally thanks to the Internet while he/she is constantly on the go to survive in terms of financial means.

Jun 18, 11:16PM EDT0

What do you miss most about working a regular job?

Jun 16, 6:58PM EDT0

Having real-life conversations/meetings and lunch together. 

Jun 18, 11:29AM EDT0

When will you break the news of your job loss to your folks?

Jun 16, 9:36AM EDT0

Next month :D

Jun 18, 11:29AM EDT0

How do people react when you say you work freelance?

Jun 16, 12:41AM EDT0

They're surprised and jealous at the same time because of the time and location flexibility for me to do my work. However, sometimes it could a get a little bit frustration when I get questioned of how I'd be able to survive with an unstable paycheck.

Jun 19, 2:25AM EDT0

How do you discipline yourself to work without having to punch a clock?

Jun 15, 12:42PM EDT0

Always have an alarm clock, timesheet, and a diary to keep track of my work.

Jun 19, 2:25AM EDT0

What are some good sources for tech tools for freelancers?

Jun 15, 12:28PM EDT0

I would recommend to use trello and wunderlist. Because both Client and Freelancer are able to access it and check the progress of the work.

Jun 21, 4:02AM EDT0

How do you overcome the fear of losing a steady paycheck?

Jun 14, 9:47PM EDT0

Just have to think positive and not dwell in the past time. When there's a will to deal with being a minimalist, then there's a way ;)

Jun 19, 2:48AM EDT0

What are some frugal living tips you can share?

Jun 14, 4:17PM EDT0

Eat out less, do runs at the park or bodyweight workout at home if possible instead of going to the gym, and if there's a need to shop, just wait for the sales period :P

Jun 18, 11:44AM EDT0

How do you plan to list freelance work on your resume?

Jun 14, 2:16PM EDT0

I would add a separate portfolio with a list of the projects that I've done.

Jun 18, 11:45AM EDT0

Why haven't you told your parents about your job loss?

Jun 14, 10:02AM EDT0

Because I do not want them to worry about me, especially my Mother. She's pretty introvert and being her daughter, I know that she will start assuming/thinking all things negative about it and I do not want them to go through that thinking process.

Jun 19, 12:01AM EDT0

Why do you think you were chosen for retrenchment?

Jun 14, 4:49AM EDT0

Because the agency wanted to retain the senior staff. It was 7 of us anyway and my colleague and I were the only retrenched with a lower position in.

Jun 18, 11:31AM EDT0

How do you regain your confidence when you've been let go at work?

Jun 14, 2:24AM EDT0

Tbh I was a little bit depressed but I travelled to Indonesia for a week which I had purchased the tickets months earlier. Took the time to do some thinking while I was there, and that's when I decided to start doing freelancing after I got back.

Jun 18, 11:43AM EDT0

As a freelancer, would you consider moving to a cheaper city?

Jun 14, 1:23AM EDT0

I actually thought of moving back to my hometown but I do not want to be tied down to my comfort zone ;) Plus, since I have reduced my travel trips overseas, I am able to do more weekend roadtrips to explore more within the country.

Jun 14, 3:42AM EDT0

What have been your best sources for finding freelance work?

Jun 14, 12:44AM EDT0

Upwork, Freelancer, and from recommendations ;)

Jun 14, 3:43AM EDT0

How do you manage professional networking as a freelancer?

Jun 14, 12:02AM EDT0

Attend free workshops on topic such as digital marketing, freelancers meet-ups, linkedin...

Jun 19, 2:27AM EDT0

How do you price your work as a freelancer?

Jun 13, 8:14PM EDT0

It depends on the nature of the job. It's either I charge my Clients by hourly or per project.

Jun 18, 11:41AM EDT0

What can you use to replace workplace water-cooler conversation?

Jun 13, 6:43PM EDT0

Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, and Whatsapp of course ;)

Jun 14, 3:43AM EDT0

How does working freelance fit in with a frugal lifestyle?

Jun 13, 1:22PM EDT0

I could survive and I've no complains about it. It was hard for me at first for the first few weeks but I've slowly gotten use to the simple lifestyle.

Jun 19, 12:00AM EDT0