I'm 70...so now what?! Ask Me Anything!

Mar 7, 2018

70 years of information gathering.  I have work experience ranging from being a car-hop at 15, to marketing director for an international hotel chain, to realtor about to retire.  Writing, painting and travel are on the list.

I have borne 2 children, have wonderful grands, been divorced, widowed and happily single.  I have lived in various countries and cities and speak 3 languages.  People thought I was crazy to drive across the U.S. several times.  I am opinionated, kind  and funny. 

Life is not what we go through...it's how we look at it! 

I'm working on my next chapter and plan on it being exciting.  If I can help you embrace your next chapter - go ahead...Ask me Anything!

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As a woman were you affected and how if so by how men look at you when ageing? Or/and society as a whole? For some reason it does seem like men are allowed to age and that is ok but women are not, see movies, advertising etc. the ratio between men 40+ and women is crazy. What are your thoughts on this?

Mar 7, 12:23PM EST0

If we buy into the advertising, movies etc. we as aging women we sell ourselves short.  Why on earth would anyone think our skin or clothing can look like the teenaged models used to promote products.  We need to stand up and embrace that what we as aging women have to offer is so much richer.  I dated a man who is 15 years younger than I am.  He thought that a woman's self confidence and knowledge of strengths was incredibly sexy.  We aren't meant to compete with women our daughters' ages.  We can radiate beauty from within! 

Mar 7, 3:42PM EST0
Did you enjoy your career as a marketing career or as a realtor better? Why?
Mar 7, 11:02AM EST0
What are some things you have planned for your next chapter?
Mar 7, 10:55AM EST0

What is the greatest lesson you've learnt throughout your journey in life?

Mar 6, 10:55AM EST0

Just be yourself.

Mar 6, 4:36PM EST0
Which of the 3 languages that you speak is your favourite and why?
Mar 6, 10:40AM EST0

French.  I learned it as an adult - originally through books and records (my era's version of CD's...lol)  It came so naturally that I can comfortably converse and think in the language.  Past life maybe???

Mar 6, 4:33PM EST0

What books did you read to begin with? I am conversational with French but want to expand beyond daily life vocabulary and it is hard given I work in English! What is a good start?

Mar 7, 12:19PM EST0
What was it like managing an international hotel chain?
Mar 6, 10:19AM EST0

I was a marketing director.  Meeting people from all walks of life, all languages, traveling to different countries gave me a wonderful out-of-the-box perspective on life.  I would not trade those years for anything.  I started at the bottom (as a waitress) and because of this learned to look at the whole picture.  No job is ever to lowly (eg - I'm "just" a waitress.)  On the contrary - that's how I learned people skills and understanding of how to listen to and work with others.

Mar 6, 4:30PM EST0

What is the biggest misconception about ageing in your opinion?

Mar 6, 9:46AM EST0

It's a misconception to think that aging will stop one from doing anything.  Inactivity stops one from doing things or learning. Health may stop us - but if we take care of ourselves much of our health is in our control.  We are how we think.  Some are old at 30, others young at 80.  To a point - it's a choice.  Focus on the positive!

Mar 6, 4:27PM EST2
What advice would you give to a man in his late twenties with no work experience and is a freshman in college?
Mar 6, 9:44AM EST0

What is your passion?  Find a part time job in whatever it is you love.  Life and work are the best education you can find.

Mar 6, 4:15PM EST0
Have you ever published a book?
Mar 6, 9:27AM EST0

I'm working on it!  Lots of essays - but not a book as of yet.

Mar 6, 4:15PM EST0

How has being a grandmother changed you?

Mar 6, 8:35AM EST0

It's made me feel  younger and more energetic.  It also makes me realize how much harder I was on my own children.  I'm not the type of grandmother (or oma) who wants to buy my grandkids everything under the sun.  The things I remember from childhood are experiences.  I give my grandchildren experiences and build memories.

Mar 6, 4:17PM EST0
How do you look at life? What is the next chapter of your life?
Mar 6, 7:39AM EST0

I have always wanted to have a home that looks out on water...so another move is possible.  Writing and painting will take up more of my chosen time.  Laughter and a deep gratitude for being who and where I am.

Mar 6, 4:19PM EST0
How in one word would you describe your life?
Mar 6, 6:21AM EST0


Mar 6, 4:19PM EST0
If you could go back and undo a moment in your life, what moment would that be?
Mar 6, 5:45AM EST0

I honestly can't think of anything I would undo - except maybe an unkind word or thought.  Usually though,  those come and slap me right in the face to show me the error of my ways...  ; ))

Mar 6, 4:24PM EST0
Has being 70 slowed you down?
Mar 5, 5:55PM EST0

My kids think I have more energy than they do.  I have only been 70 for 4 months - but so far so good

Mar 5, 5:59PM EST0
You've lived seven decades. Which was the most fun-filled?
Mar 5, 5:53PM EST0

My 60's.  I knew who I was, didn't much care what others thought of me, traveled, moved, enjoyed grandkids, learned to paint, was president of a huge social club, had the opportunity to write.  60's were so full of so much!  I'm blessed with good health and a sense of humor.  Can't wait to see what this next decade will have in store.

Mar 5, 5:57PM EST0
Do you have a creed by which you live life? If so, what is it?
Mar 5, 5:33PM EST0

When nothing in your life seems to be going right...look within!

Mar 5, 5:35PM EST0
Which of the cities where you lived is your most memorable?
Mar 5, 4:12PM EST0

My birth city, Amersfoort, the Netherlands.  I went back recently and looked at it through adult eyes.  Such a wealth of culture, history and beauty in such a tiny country.  My favorite cities visited are Hong Kong, Bangkok  and Paris.

Mar 5, 5:38PM EST0
If tdriving across the U.S. several times isn't crazy, what then is crazy to you?
Mar 5, 2:16PM EST0

Oh driving was so much fun!  Different routes each time.  Different people to chat with, different sites to see.  The first time was after 9/11 when I was in Vancouver on vacation and ended up driving back to Atlanta.  Imagine the thoughts that went through my mind in that sad period of time.  Crazy to me is getting stuck and being afraid of change. 

Mar 5, 2:39PM EST0
What was marriage and fatherhood like for you?
Mar 5, 1:55PM EST0

I'm a female...so fatherhood didn't happen.  My first marriage was to an alcoholic drug abuser.  I wanted to save the world.  My last marriage was a deep friendship where I learned to communicate, love, be just me as part of a whole.  Alas, he died 17 years ago.  I look back and can say - at least I had that love.  We don't know how deeply we can love until we're in a challenging situation - eg - taking care of a partner at the last stages of life - and still be grateful.

Mar 5, 2:01PM EST0
What's your opinion of the increase in school-shooting cases across the nation?
Mar 5, 1:41PM EST0

My opinion in general is that our value system as a whole is completely screwed up.  We don't value our young - as evidenced in the fact that we are 11th on the list of low infant mortality. Our teachers are underpaid and need to focus on social ills of our children in addition to teaching.    Our health care system is a mess.  We throw the mentally ill into the streets or incarcerate them.  The ill and have-nots are frustrated and see no light at the end of the tunnel.  Our media sensationalizes atrocities to the point of audience numbness.  We interpret the bible and constition to fit our previous beliefs.  We focus on "outside" terrorists while being blind to the mess in our own country.  And now in Florida - the solution is to arm teachers.  More shootings just waiting to happen.  It sickens me! 

Mar 5, 1:56PM EST1
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