I've been traveling the world for three months, earning money as a freelancer as I go. Ask me anything!

Brycen Montgomery
Jun 18, 2017

I've found myself in some tight spots. Feel free to ask about my travel experiences without a set budget, and my freelancing tips! 

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How do you find work? 

Jun 18, 7:07PM EDT0

I primarily rely on Upwork and other online job posting sites like ProBlogger

Jun 19, 3:37AM EDT0

What is your favorite dish you've had while traveling the world?

Jun 18, 11:40AM EDT0

I'm partial to German food, but that's because it's where my family is from! Nothing beats homemade german cooking for me 

Jun 19, 3:37AM EDT0

What types of odd jobs have you picked up while traveling the world?

Jun 18, 6:10AM EDT0

They've all been online writing jobs 

Jun 19, 3:37AM EDT0

Do you normally only bring a carry on or do you also bring checked luggage?

Jun 17, 10:51PM EDT0

I travel with a small shoulder bag, a hiking backpack, and a normal backpack. I usually put the small bag inside one of the backpacks, bring the normal back as a hand item, and the large bag as a carry on.

Jun 19, 3:39AM EDT0

Do you have a normal job? If so, how did you get so much time off work?

Jun 17, 7:33PM EDT0

I don't have a traditional job--freelancing is why I can do this 

Jun 19, 3:39AM EDT0

Do you have any money saving tips on how to travel the world on a budget?

Jun 17, 3:42PM EDT0

Hostels, couchsurfing, AirBnB. Shop around for accommodations.

Eat at grocery stores!

Pregame before going out.  

Jun 19, 3:40AM EDT0

Where do you normally stay when you are travelling?

Jun 17, 2:44PM EDT0

Hostels more often than not 

Jun 19, 3:40AM EDT0

Can you tell me more about one of those tight spots?

Jun 17, 11:03AM EDT0

Do you travel by yourself or with other people?

Jun 17, 3:45AM EDT0

i travel alone but sometimes pick up folks from hostels who I'll travel with for a few days 

Jun 19, 3:41AM EDT0

If you had to pick one spot to visit, what would that be?

Jun 16, 7:17PM EDT0

cinque Terre 100%

Jun 19, 3:41AM EDT0

Can you tell me all the places you have visited in the past three months?

Jun 16, 6:09PM EDT0

Italy, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, and Thailand

Jun 19, 3:42AM EDT0

Have you ever visited Antarctica? If so, what was the best part?

Jun 16, 2:31PM EDT0

Nope! And it's actually not on my list. 

Jun 19, 3:41AM EDT0

How many countries do you think you have visited in your lifetime?

Jun 16, 6:49AM EDT0

I've visited the United States, England, Germany, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, and Greece. I'll be visiting Thailand next week! 

Jun 16, 11:12AM EDT0

What place did you like best?

Jun 19, 3:57AM EDT0

How long do you normally spend in one country?

Jun 16, 6:28AM EDT0

It honestly depends on the country! I gravitate towards spending more time in less-expensvie countries for budget reasons. But a lot of it depends on the vibe I get. There are countries I thought I would spend over a month in that I couldn't bring myself to spend more than two weeks in. And there are countries I thought I'd spend a week in that I ended up spending a month in because I fell in love.

Jun 16, 11:13AM EDT0

What did you study in school? Did you study abroad?

Jun 16, 2:39AM EDT0

I'm on a gap year, so I haven't started university yet! 

Jun 16, 11:13AM EDT0

What will be your major?

Jun 19, 4:19AM EDT0

Do you run a travel website? If so, what do you include on it?

Jun 16, 12:45AM EDT0

I don't :(

Jun 16, 11:13AM EDT0

Have you ever been mugged while traveling abroad?

Jun 15, 7:02PM EDT0

I haven't! 

Jun 16, 11:13AM EDT0

Have you ever run into any trouble while traveling the world?

Jun 15, 2:03PM EDT0

I've faced your typical travel horrors: tourist scams (like getting tricked into going to a marked-up bar/brothel), hostels I booked not actualyl existing, transportation issues, running low on money, etc.

Jun 16, 11:14AM EDT0

What was the craziest experience?

Jun 19, 4:41AM EDT0

Have you picked up any other languages during your travels?

Jun 15, 1:55PM EDT0

I spoke German and English prior to leaving, and can now say a handful of words in Italian (although not enough for it to matter)

Jun 16, 11:14AM EDT0

How are you able to just travel for 3 months like that?

Jun 15, 12:29PM EDT0

I'm on a gap year, and I'm working as a freelancer as I travel. So I have both the flexibilty one needs to travel long-term and the means of supporting that travel as I go.

Jun 16, 11:14AM EDT0