New to freelancing. When I landed my first money making freelancing job, it was the best feeling ever. Ask me anything!

Vladimir Perisic
Jul 1, 2017

Me, myself, and I.

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What pushes you actually to go on freelancing? and what specific jobs did you applied for when you started?

Jul 3, 10:33PM EDT1

Hello, Jose! I was looking for a new challenge and freelancing seems to me like a very good idea. I want to be self-employed, independent person. Also, I want to interact with people all around the world.

At first, I applied for many works. Basically, I just wanted to do anything. So, I've looked at the easiest jobs that can be found. Data entry jobs are first thing that I saw, so I applied for that.

Jul 4, 5:13PM EDT1

I want to thank you all for your questions. It means a lot to me. I hope you will be satisfied with my answers. I apologize if I didn't understand some questions and you can ask me again. And remember peace, love and AMA :).                                          And Smile!Always smile :) :) :)

Last edited @ Jul 1, 4:48PM EDT.
Jul 1, 4:38PM EDT1

Do you have any friends that freelance as well?

Jun 29, 2:43PM EDT2

Hi, there! A lot of my friends are all across the world doing their regular job, some of them are in US, Japan, Germany and they don’t have time, and they are paid pretty well for the work they do. So, for now, I’m doing solo but I will try to find someone to work with. And some of my friends don’t speak English or don’t speak good enough so they can work as a freelancer.

Jul 1, 3:52PM EDT1

Have you had any disappointments so far, freelancing?

Jun 26, 9:00PM EDT2

Hello, James! I wouldn’t say it was disappointments, like disappointments when you feel you’ve reached the bottom. I applied for a lot various works every day for a few days and nothing. No answers. No interviews. Nothing. I was a little bit disappointed. But I after a while my first gig shows up and all that was forgotten.

Jun 29, 5:13PM EDT1
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What do you feel has been most impactful to your life about freelancing?

Jun 26, 10:09AM EDT2

Hi, there! I was looking for a new challenge, and internet is like a universe, it never ends. Wanted to try something new for me, like a new beginning. Opportunities are great and I just need to find myself within.

Jul 1, 4:25PM EDT1
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Do you have any coworkers or people that you work with in general?

Jun 26, 6:09AM EDT2

Hi, Veronica! Now, there is just my clients and me. I hope I will get connected with people and work with them. I have no problem working by myself but I love people and I’m friendly and working with others brings me more satisfaction.

Jun 29, 5:13PM EDT1

What, exactly, caused your first freelancing job to give you the best feeling ever?

Jun 26, 12:56AM EDT2

Hello, Barbara! The fact that I started something new and did it! But true joy brought me when I saw money on my account I never felt like I’m working, never felt any pressure. That is the feeling that I’ve never ever felt before on any job that I worked in the past.

Jun 29, 5:08PM EDT1

What is the most interesting experience you've had freelancing?

Jun 24, 5:17AM EDT2

Hi, David! I don’t have much experience, but most interesting for me was when I got my first gig, I was shocked! I’ve read the stories about beginners at freelancing and some of them waited for their first job for several months. And I got it right away.

Jun 29, 5:07PM EDT0

Are there any freelancing resources that you recommend?

Jun 24, 3:17AM EDT1

Hello, Ryan! I’ve searched a website for freelancing and there are several sites that offer work. But I ended up on Upwork because there you can find more easy work, copy-paste tasks, gigs and, of course, u have a lot of serious jobs that require special skills.

Jul 1, 4:12PM EDT0

Are there any books that you haven't read, but know of, about freelancing, worth looking into?

Jun 23, 9:39AM EDT1

Hi, there! Yes, there is a lot book about freelancing and business in general that can be found online. Some of them come for free. I just started reading “The Freelancer’s Bible” by Sara Horowitz from 2012. I will post you a link where you can find several books on that subject. Enjoy!

Last edited @ Jun 29, 5:06PM EDT.
Jun 29, 5:06PM EDT0
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What is it you exactly do when you freelance?

Jun 23, 1:23AM EDT1

Hi, Anthony! I do newbie work like collecting points by playing games, watching videos, visiting sites, then turn that points into money. I play free lottery games, copy-paste tasks. That doesn’t take me much time. But since I’m new in this, I’m trying to improve my existing skills, learn new skills, searching for new tools that might help me in future works.

Jun 29, 5:05PM EDT0

What are some networking tools you use for freelancing?

Jun 22, 6:11PM EDT1

Hello! Since I’m not native English speaker I use language tools to improve my writing, speaking, spelling. Also, I’m trying to learn more expression For that matter I use tools like Google Translate and Grammarly.

Last edited @ Jun 29, 5:05PM EDT.
Jun 29, 5:04PM EDT0

Do you have any tips for time-management during your work day?

Jun 22, 3:12PM EDT1

Hi, there! The beauty of freelancing work is that manage your time as you like! Are you a night bird like me? I do all my work at night time because that’s the time when I’m feeling well. I’m doing small gigs for now, and It doesn’t take me much time to do it, but when I get to more serious work I will have to organize my time much better.

Jun 29, 5:04PM EDT0

Besides freelancing, what is the most unpleasant job you've ever had?

Jun 22, 10:05AM EDT1

Hello, MR Donald! I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly. I apologize for that. If u meant that freelancing is unpleasant, I can assure you it is not.

I haven’t done any dirty job in my life and would never accept something that I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing. But on the other side, if that dirty job would be for a greater cause (like charity work) I would do it without question.

Jun 25, 2:17PM EDT0
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How much did you make on your first gig?

Jun 22, 3:41AM EDT1

Hi, Drew! I made enough to buy my dog some treats. A few bucks like a symbolic payment for my first gig. Now, at this level money isn’t something that interests me. I want to build a future here and earn reputation. The money will come later, I hope.

Jun 25, 2:17PM EDT0
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Are there any clients you remember fondly for any reason?

Jun 22, 2:02AM EDT1

Hi, Kenneth! Actually, I didn’t have many clients. Most impressive thing to me was that they gave me a work knowing that I’m new and “risked” with me. A small thing makes this freelancing world great!

Jun 25, 2:12PM EDT0

Do you struggle with maintaining your self-discipline during your work day?

Jun 21, 11:20PM EDT1

Hello, Erin! Well, I believe self-discipline is more related to your (mine) personality. I have a strong will, I’m very well motivated and I have a clear goal in my head what I want to do and that is something that keeps me going and at the same time making me organized and disciplined.

Jun 25, 2:11PM EDT0
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Is there something in particular that caused you to seek out freelance work?

Jun 21, 9:50PM EDT1

Hello, Robert! Nothing specific has happened in my life, like some particular moment.  Just a chance to be independent, self-employed man, who will work at his own time. I want to interact with the people all over the world, share knowledge and experience. A chance to meet new people and have fun. Possibilities are great at freelancing. As they say: “sky is the limit”.

Jun 25, 2:10PM EDT0

Are your family members supportive of your freelancing?

Jun 21, 9:13PM EDT1

Hi, Megan! My wife is. She is the only one in my family that know what I’m doing. As far as my parents are concerned, first I would have to explain to them what freelancing is. But I know they would have nothing against it. 

Jun 25, 2:09PM EDT0
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Were you satisfied with the pay of your first freelancing job?

Jun 21, 6:22AM EDT1

Hi, Michael! My first payment wasn’t much, but I felt like I’ve earned a million. The fact that I’ve started something new for me and I manage to do it brings me more satisfaction. For a newbie like money shouldn’t be a priority at this level because I want to build my future here.

Jun 25, 2:01PM EDT0
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