Paralegal looking for a job! AMA

Marta Nores
Feb 4, 2018


I am a paralegal, my job consists in:

  • Taking statements from witnesses.
  • Interviewing clients and passing on relevant information.
  • Researching cases and any pertinent legal information needed.
  • Presenting applications to judges.
  • Helping lawyers prepare for court cases, including opening and closing arguments and aiding in court pleadings or motions.
  • Filing case files and handling client caseloads.
  • Drafting documents and letters, such as mortgages, sale agreements and trust agreements.
  • Administrative duties such as taking phone calls, answering correspondence and filing.

I have an hourly rate of 150GBP and if the case is complicated, I usually charge a fixed price of 1500GBP.

You can visit my website to book a meeting!

Please, ask me anything you need to know or contact me on if you need my services!

Hope to hear from you soon! :)

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In my country something like paralegal position doesn't exist - you can be a lawyer or not. Could you explain me more the difference between a secretary vs. paralegal secretary vs. lawyer?

Feb 21, 7:31AM EST0 Reply

Hi! Yes, of course. You don't need studies to be a secretary (not even legal secretary), you need studies for paralegal, and you need to go to law school to be a lawyer. Hope I solved your doubts

Feb 22, 1:17PM EST0 Reply

Do you use social media (like facebook, twitter etc) to promote your paralegal services?If yes, how has it been so far? If no, why not?

Feb 14, 6:37AM EST0 Reply

Yes! I use Twitter and Facebook, plus I have my own website (which is in my AMA) and they work really good, I can access a lot of people in the same place and chat with them in real time if someone needs my services or wants to know something about my job or get quick legal advice.

Feb 14, 7:14AM EST0 Reply

How would a paralegal or a lawyer play adultery in a child custody case?

Feb 9, 1:07PM EST0 Reply

Adultery is not illegal in most of the countries nowadays, so as long as the kids are in a good enviroment, the law doesn’t care if it’s with new boyfriends or girlfriends even if they’re are the reason why the marriage broke in the first place.

Feb 9, 1:11PM EST0 Reply

Could you share one or two specific accomplishments that you are especially proud of over your career and why?

Feb 9, 6:05AM EST0 Reply

I’m proud of getting the degree to be able to work as a paralegal, it took me 3 years and it was something I have always wanted to do. And I’m proud of the first case that the client won thanks to my work.

I’m proud of a lot of cases I worked on, but I can disclose any details of any of it, so I can’t specify anyone really, although all of them are different and a new dare.

Feb 9, 6:09AM EST0 Reply

Do any states prohibit a child to legally have 3 or do courts have rules prohibiting it?

Feb 9, 3:48AM EST0 Reply

I don’t understand your question, sorry

Feb 9, 6:07AM EST0 Reply

Considering the freelance engagement of your profession how do you stay organized & focused when given tasks?

Feb 6, 2:49PM EST0 Reply

I’m extremely organised with papers and with computers, so once I get everything organise I haven’t got any problem of having everything under control. I haven’t got any problem focusing, so I can finish the job pretty quickly.

Feb 6, 2:52PM EST0 Reply

What is your five-year plan and how are you preparing yourself for that?

Feb 6, 1:56PM EST0 Reply

My five-year plan is becoming a criminal lawyer.

Right now I’m working in everything I can to save money and be able to afford law school, at the same time as I gain experience for the future.

Feb 6, 1:57PM EST0 Reply

Do you still have plans of completing law school and become a licensed lawyer?

Feb 6, 1:46PM EST0 Reply

Yes! I can’t afford it yet, but that’s the plan

Feb 6, 1:54PM EST1 Reply

What area of law do you like working in best? What is the hardest part of your job (like as in emotional/mental)?

Feb 6, 7:28AM EST0 Reply

I like corporate, criminal and family law.

I wouldn’t know how to answer the second question to be completely honest with you. The hardest part mentally is all the hours of work you need, to do research and everything. I suppose the emotional worst part is knowing the case, for example Id it’s a complicated divorce or a criminal case.

Last edited @ Feb 6, 1:56PM EST.
Feb 6, 1:55PM EST0 Reply

Why did you choose to become a freelancer and not work for a firm instead?

Feb 5, 6:26AM EST0 Reply

Because to work in a law firm you need experience. As a freelancer Ivan start with advice and small cases that gives me the experience to end working in a law firm

Feb 5, 6:29AM EST0 Reply

After the consultation process and some paperwork, would you be able to refer your client to a lawyer in case there’s a need for court representation?

Feb 5, 3:37AM EST0 Reply

I use the look at the paperwork and look for a lawyer at the beginning, to go to a trial you need preparation of yourself for the trial, and while I work on the paperwork, the lawyer works on that. So I usually contact a lawyer from the begi

Feb 5, 6:29AM EST0 Reply

What is the most memorable or most interesting case you worked on?

Feb 5, 3:14AM EST0 Reply

I work a really interesting divorce and custody battle case. It looks like family law can be boring, but is pretty interesting, and usually really hard to work in

Feb 5, 6:28AM EST0 Reply

How do you reach your clients? How often do you get cases?

Feb 4, 5:12AM EST0 Reply

I get cases pretty often, I usually have 3 or 4 clients hire each month.

i have website, where you can book a meeting online, or ask for my services, and I have a business card in every shop I can

Feb 4, 6:34AM EST0 Reply
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What are the stress factors that can be faced by a paralegal? What are your tips to overcome them?

Feb 4, 3:30AM EST0 Reply

The main stress factor of this kind of job is the deadlines. You work with exact dates to present everything and they’re usually decided by a court, so you can fail.

my tip is to be extremely organise and do everything as soon as possible, that way you don’t get stressed when the deadline is approaching and you have everything done.

Feb 4, 6:33AM EST0 Reply

Are you working as a freelancer? Are you also working for a firm?

Feb 4, 2:07AM EST0 Reply

Yes, I am a freelancer. In some occasions freelancers can work with law firms in a contract for support in a case or some cases, as fee-earners 

Feb 4, 6:31AM EST0 Reply

Do you also handle criminal cases? If so, what is the most recent criminal case you completed?

Feb 3, 11:59PM EST0 Reply

I can handle criminal cases, but I specialise in family law. Either way I can disclose any detail of the cases

Feb 4, 6:30AM EST0 Reply

How did you choose to be a paralegal? Why didn’t you study law?

Feb 3, 4:57PM EST0 Reply

I choose to be a paralegal because I like to work on the legal field.

I did studied law, I studied 3 years to get the certificate and license as paralegal.

If the question is about law school, I can't afford it for now, although my plan is to save money to be able to go to law school in the future and become a criminal lawyer.

Feb 3, 4:59PM EST0 Reply

Can you get enough number of cases to keep yourself busy all the year round?

Feb 3, 3:35PM EST0 Reply

It depends a lot of the year of course, but usually I have enough clients to be really busy.

Count that I don't need so many cases to be busy, as every case has a lot of work behind it of researching, drafting, meetings, preparing hearings...

Feb 3, 3:41PM EST0 Reply

What kinds of cases are you interested to deal with?

Feb 3, 5:14AM EST0 Reply

I work mostly in family law cases: divorce, division of marital assets, child custody battles...

I like corporate and criminal law too, but I have less experience.

Feb 3, 6:06AM EST0 Reply

At the times when you are not getting any cases, what other works you do?

Feb 3, 3:54AM EST0 Reply

I am usually busy, so the little time I am not working on anything I take holidays!

But even when I am not taking a case, I can give legal advice and support.

Feb 3, 6:05AM EST0 Reply
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