Senior HR manager and a top notch resume writer. AMA!

Sep 3, 2017

I am Natalie, a senior HR manager and a top notch resume, CV, cover letter and LinkedIn writer. I'm a career consultant with solid understanding of high-tech industry and experience in preparing executive resumes, JOB winning resumes, across multiple industry and all levels of business.

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debrooks says:

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Update (Sep 3, 7:07AM EDT):

Natalie says:

International Recruiter and Certified Resume Writer, specializing in U.S., UK, Canadian and Australian employment. Master of English Language with 10+ years' experience in screening, editing and writing resumes across multiple disciplines, at all levels of business. AMA!

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What is the highest bid you ever charged a client?

Feb 7, 8:43AM EST0 Reply

What is the #1 resume mistake you see?

Jan 26, 8:56AM EST0 Reply

What is the first thing that you look for in a CV?

Jan 21, 7:24PM EST0 Reply

What is a good CV?

Dec 15, 5:01AM EST0 Reply

From what industry are you as a Senior HR Manager?

Dec 14, 5:52AM EST0 Reply

What is important tenure in the job or skills?

Dec 8, 7:56PM EST0 Reply

Does the presentation of a CV matters to an HR or just the details / contents what counts?

Dec 3, 1:46AM EST0 Reply

How do you distinguish between a fake CV and a genuine one.

Nov 29, 1:08PM EST0 Reply

What is a good CV?

Nov 7, 3:49PM EST0 Reply

How long have you been writing resume for others?

Nov 1, 3:34PM EDT0 Reply

What is the most important thing that we need to keep in mind while writing the resume? Something which can help in getting us the job?

Oct 28, 1:32AM EDT0 Reply

Whats the secret in writing a resume?

Oct 22, 4:11AM EDT0 Reply

what are the responsibilities of a HR

Oct 9, 11:40AM EDT0 Reply

Hi I am BE ELECTRICAL .10 year of experience I am looking for job.I will pay my first salary to email address is

Sep 24, 1:47PM EDT0 Reply

What do you think is the BEST quality to have to ensure a job?

Sep 18, 1:05PM EDT0 Reply

Are you involved with profesional associations for resume writing?

Sep 12, 10:34AM EDT0 Reply

Yes I am

Sep 18, 2:11PM EDT0 Reply

1. Is it true that after you start working the studies or university you did are not important anymore but the experience you have achieved ?

2. I want to apply for a new job after 3 years because 'I got bored' and my current job isn't a 'challenge' anymore (I'm a assistant production manager in a production mill)  are these two reasons a good one to say on a new job interview ?

Sep 5, 5:11PM EDT0 Reply

Your educational background are as important as your work history on your resume. However, your experience matters a lot when considering a new job.

2. If you need to apply for a new job, I can help. You can send me a direct message

Sep 5, 6:43PM EDT0 Reply

How far should you go back for your work history on a resume? I hear no more than 5 years.

Sep 3, 8:19PM EDT0 Reply

Can be more

Sep 5, 1:47PM EDT0 Reply

What do you do when you find there is a mismatch between the skills needed for a position and the talent available?

Sep 3, 5:14AM EDT0 Reply

Describe a proactive recruitment strategy you have used.

Sep 3, 3:48AM EDT0 Reply
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