The Virtual Workforce: An AMA Event on Freelancing Industry’s Advantage and Benefits Over Traditional Employment

Maria L.
Nov 15, 2017

More and more regular employees trade their stable day jobs for a risky, stay-at-home freelance opportunities. At first thought, this would seem like an impractical decision to make, but with MD Moksedur Rahman's AMA event, we now understand why. Take a look at some responses below as this social media marketer and computer and outsourcing trainer explains to us one by one the advantage of freelancing.

QUESTION:  What made you want to start freelancing? Was it something specific or the result of a long series of events?

I am a successful freelancer. I have been successful in clinging to it for a long time

QUESTION: What are the advantages of being a freelancer?

You can earn a living in the house And at the same time, you can give your family time

QUESTION: How do you communicate effectively with long-distance clients?

Communication must be done in connection with work. Besides, there are Skype, Social Media and Marketplace too

QUESTION: Can you briefly describe how you typically get new clients?

I can get new work through good work reviews and good feedback

QUESTION: Who can become a freelancer?

Who can do Social Media Marketing, Graphics design, Web Design, Internet Research, data collection, Lead generation etc

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