This is Caroline. I finished my first degree successfully in the year 2012. I have never been employed since then, because I chose a different path. I have been freelancing ever since, mainly in writing and blogging, and the stipends are enough to sustain me and my young family. I have a lot to spare too! Ask Me Anything!

Barongo Carole
Jun 18, 2017

I will share my experience in freelancing, hoping to encourage newbies to improve their livelihoods through the internet. The journey has been rough, but the reward is worth it. Let's talk freelancing. Welcome aboard!

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What degree did you get and why didn't you continue that path? Did you not like getting that degree in the first place? Or did you just realize it along the way?

Jun 19, 5:16AM EDT0

Microbiology. I am still on the path. I am now taking masters in Microbiology, using cash earned from freelancing. Writing is my hobby, and scientific research is my career path. I am following my career path, while earning cash using my hobby. 

Jun 19, 6:13AM EDT0

How do you ensure fair labor practices when you work freelance?

Jun 17, 3:50AM EDT0

Hey Feguston. I choose to work with credible agencies such as Upwork. These act as mediator between me and the client, ensuring that I enjoy fair labor practices. I also talk with my clients and agree on the terms of work beforehand to avoid disputes and conflicts. 

Jun 18, 2:57AM EDT0

What kind of degree did you earn, and why did you choose it?

Jun 16, 11:11AM EDT0

Hello Kurt. I earned a baachelor's degree in Microbiology. I chose this degree because I am good in sciences, and I thrive in the challenging research field. I saw microbiology as a path to becoming a scientific researcher. 

Jun 18, 2:58AM EDT0

How do you get interviewed for a job on a freelance basis?

Jun 16, 6:29AM EDT0

Hey Lisa, I work online, and I have never met any of my employers. However, the most common way of interviewing is through a test to ascertain my level of performance on the skills I am offering. Besides the tests, some companies make phone calls to verify my identity. Skype and video calls also make for a good means of establishing raport. 

Jun 18, 1:05AM EDT0

How does working freelance mesh with having a young family?

Jun 15, 10:40PM EDT0

Hey Wilson, working freelance is actually easy when you have a young family. Both my husband and I are freelancers, and we have a schedule whereby we work mostly at night, when our son is asleep. So we sleep for extended hours later in the day, and carry on the activities of the day when we wake up. The cycle repeats itself, such that we work over 8 hours, sleep for 6 hours, and have 10 hours to spend with our son and carry on our lives. 

Jun 18, 1:02AM EDT0

Do you think freelancers should unionize, and why or why not?

Jun 15, 1:56PM EDT0

Hello David, nice question. I have been thinking a lot on the benefits of having a union to protect the interests of freelancers. Recently, I worked with a company with really oppressive fine policies. The support group would penalize trivial issues and when you dispute, they double the fine and you end up with a negative balance for your efforts. In such situations, a union would stipulate the best practices to protect the freelancers. So yes, I think freelancers should unionize. 

Jun 18, 12:57AM EDT0

How important is a resume if you work freelance?

Jun 15, 10:08AM EDT0

Hey Tiffany. A resume is very significant when you are working as a frelancer. It creates a profile through which employers choose whether they will hire your services or not. Reegardless of the freelance career you chose, academic credentials are essential and the resume helps employers view your areas of expertise. 

Jun 18, 3:01AM EDT0

How do you include your freelance work experience on a resume?

Jun 15, 4:49AM EDT0

Hey Eric. I include my freelance work experience on a resume as perr the kind of services I have offered. For instance, I have sections under freelance blogger and research assistant depending on my services. Thus, you can include the experience under the specific area where you thrive. 

Jun 18, 3:03AM EDT0

How did you have the courage to forgo a regular job and paycheck?

Jun 15, 1:27AM EDT0

Hahahaha, nice question Scott. A regular job and a paycheck were what I was looking for after graduation. However, the unemployment rate in our country, Kenya, is quite high. I was only one among millions hoping to get employed, with peanuts as starting salaries. When I was introduced to freelancing, I saw an opportunity to be independent, and make as much money as I was willing to. I took th chance, while still looking for a job. After a while, my efforts weere paying off, and I did not have the motivation to look for a regular job. I have not regretted the decision. However, every freelancer should diversify and invest well to increase the income generating activities. 

Jun 18, 1:10AM EDT0

What do you think are the biggest motives for working freelance?

Jun 14, 8:19PM EDT0

Hey Sarah, one of the biggest motives for working freelance, I think, is the flexibility and independence of the working schedule. You get to decide when to work, and for how long. Another motive is the competitive pay, which generates a decent income. Moreover, most freelancers are passionate about the services they offer, and so they love their jobs. For instance, I studied microbiology, but I am working as a writer, because I am passionate about writing. I get to engage my hobby and earn while at it. 

Jun 18, 1:14AM EDT0

How widespread is exaggeration of credentials among freelancers?

Jun 14, 5:22PM EDT0

Good point Hanson. I must say that some freelancers do tend to sugarcoat their credentials. This is especially the case for newbies that want to create a niche among the experts in the industry. for instance, one might exeggerate their experience, and talk about working with several other companies before, to get the trust of the employee. However, most agencies check for the credibility of certifications, and this reduces the use of fake diplomas to get a job as a freelancer. 

Jun 18, 1:18AM EDT0


How did you got your freelancing career to this point? Can you give any suggestions how to present yourself on the internet and get popular in the freelancing world?

Jun 14, 2:48PM EDT0

Hey Terezia. Starting is always the hardest part. Once you start, commitment becomes the next task. I also had to persevere through low pay before I established myself. My network has been my pillar, and I am an enthusiast on social media. this makes me popular in the freelancing world.

Jun 18, 3:13AM EDT0

How do you get health insurance if you work freelance?

Jun 14, 11:54AM EDT0

Hey Taylor. Unfortunately, I do not get any insurance. This is one of the disadvantages of working online as a freelancer. However, I get to pay for the health insurance personally through my country's national health insurance fund.

Jun 18, 1:21AM EDT0

What do you list as occupation when you fill out your taxes?

Jun 14, 9:40AM EDT0

Hey Ashley,

When I fill my tax returns, I state that I am self-employed. 

Jun 18, 1:22AM EDT0

How has your degree proved valuable as a freelancer?

Jun 14, 9:31AM EDT0

Hey Harrison,

My degree has proved valuable because I am inclined to take jobs in my area of study, even as a freelancer. I have also used my knowledge of the research process to create credible papers that get me return clients in the industry.

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Jun 18, 1:24AM EDT0

How do you connect with other freelancers for watercooler conversation?

Jun 14, 7:57AM EDT0

Hello, most agencies have a forum for their freelancers to connect. However, I also connect with other freelancers through social media. Several groups have been created where freelancers can share ideas freely without the scrutiny of the employers. 

Jun 18, 1:25AM EDT0

What do friends and family think of your freelance path?

Jun 14, 4:09AM EDT0

Hahaha, its amazing how they think I am a hopeless case. Most people in my circle value a regular job and paycheck. I have had to defend myself severally, sticking to my decision to work as a freelancer. 

Jun 18, 1:27AM EDT0

Do you think it's possible to make freelancing a lifelong career?

Jun 13, 9:30PM EDT0

Hey Karl, I think it depends on the individual. Personally, I hope to diversify into business, using freelance as my capital generator. At some point, I will stop working as a freelancer full time, and invest my time in my businesses. However, I will work as a part timer for as long as possible. 

Jun 18, 1:30AM EDT0

How have your freelance earnings changed since you started?

Jun 13, 9:18PM EDT0

My freelance earning have increased over the years. After increasing my level of expertise, the compensation per hour increases because the employers trust your skills.  I also get more jobs assigned to me, and this increases my earnings. 

Jun 18, 1:31AM EDT0

How is filing a tax return different when you work freelance?

Jun 13, 7:44PM EDT0

Hey Laura, 

When filing my tax returns, I state that I am self-employed. Thus, I make a nil tax return yearly. 

Jun 18, 1:33AM EDT0