This is DINAR HOSSAIN professional Graphic designer & T-shirt designer in fiverr AMA

Dinar Hossain
Nov 14, 2017

This is DINAR HOSSAIN professional Graphic designer & T-shirt designer with 6 years’ experience in a diverse range Of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator work. My experience is able to design provided by you to your unique requirements. Your satisfaction is important to me and I provide the maximum effort to ensure it. The services I provide are given below:  • Raster to Vector Conversion Corporate Identity Design Service : • Logo Design • Calendar Design • Card Design • Banner Design T-shirt design. I can be your helping hand over these services and on your image post-production services. Feel free to buzz me on here I am available 24/7 days.

YOU can find me here

MY fiveer id here 

You can also my visit my online store here


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How do you handle customers who dont pay you after work done?

Last edited @ Nov 17, 9:43AM EST.
Nov 17, 9:43AM EST0

How do I withdraw my revenue?

Nov 8, 11:20AM EST0

Why is my Gig video still processing?

Nov 8, 11:05AM EST0

What is the difference between the app and the site?

Nov 8, 1:24AM EST0

What brands do you most admire and how do they influence your work?

Nov 7, 8:48PM EST0

How many designs do you usually sketch before choosing one?

Nov 7, 6:38PM EST0

Do you sketch your designs first before converting them to digital format?

Nov 7, 3:50PM EST0

Which is your favorite work?

Nov 7, 3:14PM EST0

What is your policy for withdrawals?

Nov 7, 11:36AM EST0

Revenues are only made available for withdrawal from the Revenue page after a safety clearance period of 14 days after the order is marked as complete. To withdraw your revenues, you must have an account with at least one of Fiverr's withdrawal providers.

Nov 7, 11:46AM EST0

Describe your creative process. What are the major steps?

Nov 7, 10:42AM EST0

The creative process consists of six working phases, inspiration, clarification, distillation, perspiration, evaluation, and incubation. During a particular piece of creative work each phase should be experienced many times, in no definite order, sometimes for a very short time.

Nov 7, 11:44AM EST0

What are my payment options on the app?

Nov 7, 7:37AM EST0

you can use payoneer or paypal

Nov 7, 8:31AM EST0

How do you meet tough deadlines? Tell me about a time you completed great work under pressure.

Nov 6, 9:09AM EST0

I was always quick & take time to deliver a worked,,I never face a time under pressure

Nov 6, 5:21PM EST0

Do I have to pay taxes on income earned on Fiverr?

Nov 6, 7:40AM EST0

they cut little fee from your earned cash

Nov 6, 5:20PM EST0

My Gig was denied, so now what do I do?

Nov 6, 6:34AM EST0

I try myself to not denied my gig

Nov 6, 5:19PM EST0

What kind of features would you like to see in existing software a decade hereafter?

Nov 5, 8:08PM EST0

please explained me,, what you are want to say me

Nov 5, 11:12PM EST0

Do you stick to ready-made design templates or do you always make a different one for every client?

Nov 5, 3:27PM EST0

yes I do,,  & I'm always ready to made design,,because I'm love to make design

Nov 5, 11:11PM EST0

How do I buy Gigs using the app?

Nov 5, 11:03AM EST0

you can buy gig from fiverr apps

you can find app from here www.fiverr.com

then sign & search my id : dinar8617

Nov 5, 12:17PM EST0

or you can email me for buying gig

Nov 5, 12:18PM EST0

What’s an example of a project where you disagreed with the client’s feedback and how did you handle it?

Nov 5, 9:39AM EST0

I can take action on client feedback,,,& create client accepted design again

my 1st priority is clients satisfaction 

Nov 5, 12:20PM EST0

What qualities and skills should a good graphic designer have?

Nov 5, 9:33AM EST0

Professional & unique 

Nov 5, 12:18PM EST0
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