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Arleen Roja
Sep 19, 2017

There are lots of freelancing site where you could find clients and where you could offer your skills.

Upwork.com is a platform where clients/companies and freelancers connects. You'll see job posts from companies that are open to hire a remote or virtual employee and you can send proposal letters if you think you're a great fit for the job. However, starting your freelancing career might be challenging at first. You will need work equipments to get started.

Feel free to read my blog or ask anything about it. I will be happy to help you.

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Thank you all for participating :) Questions focused more about blogging/writing but I am happy to share something to all of you. I apologize to some that I was not able to answer. I was hoping for more questions about starting a career in the freelancing industry like being a CSR, Programmer, Virtual Assistant, Data Encoder, Writer, etc. but over all, I had a great time and I wish you all the best!! 

Sep 20, 12:52AM EDT0

What was the most views you ever got for an article and can you share a link?

Sep 19, 1:56PM EDT0

I am actively helping out freelancers when they need assistance to start a career at the comforts of their home, so I decided to create the blogs to help them out and eventually they share it with others who are in need of the information. One of the blogs that got the most views was the UpWork Tip: How to Attract Clients to Set an Interview. It gathered a total view of 1,676 in HubPages and still counting as of the moment. 

Sep 19, 8:53PM EDT0

How easy is it to create a blog and what should be mandatory on any blog in your opinion?

Sep 19, 11:46AM EDT0

For me, it will be easy to write a blog if the subject is something that you know by heart and you are interested with. Proper research is important and better if there are illustrations and/or pictures. 

Sep 19, 8:47PM EDT0

Are there any sites where I can register as an article writer and what is the average pay per article?

Sep 18, 11:40PM EDT0

You will earn in HubPages thru adding ads like Amazon's but may take time to earn more because you will have to bring in more views. In Upwork.com you can register as a freelancer and offer writing/blogging skills. You will get to see if the job posts or the client is willing to pay higher rates

Sep 19, 9:29AM EDT0
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Who owns the work you do, i.e. is your client holding the copyright or you?

Sep 18, 11:12PM EDT0

Sorry, I only write personal blogs. 

Sep 19, 9:30AM EDT0

Is it better to write articles for someone else or to make a blog and write for it?

Sep 18, 5:27PM EDT0

I only write personal blogs but at work, I get to create Help Articles. Even if I wrote those for the company, my name shows as the creator or writer. So I think if you will write an article or a blog for a company or someone else, it is better to have your name tagged as the author.

Sep 19, 9:31AM EDT0

What equipment do I need to start a video blog?

Sep 18, 4:49PM EDT0

Sorry I don't do vlog

Sep 19, 9:31AM EDT0

Do you also include free stock images in your articles?

Sep 18, 12:11PM EDT0

As much as possible, I use my own photos. If ever that I will grab someone else's, I will make sure to put their name as credit. 

Sep 19, 9:32AM EDT0

Isn't Upwork getting overcrowded with applicants - it's good for the Employers, but don't you think many qualified freelancers lose out because it's too hard to stand out from the "noise"?

Sep 18, 11:03AM EDT1

Finally a question about freelancing lol It is true that freelancing in UpWork is really challenging. It will need your patience and persistence to get a contract. Recently, UpWork is working on their policy to remove inactive freelancers, suspending freelancers that are not a good fit on their chosen skills, etc. That is to give way for other freelancers who have better chances to win a contract. Some qualified freelancers are getting suspended because they keep on sending proposals but they are not getting any interviews. This will mean "not a good fit" for UpWork. In order to avoid that, they need to be wiser on sending a proposal letter. I have some blogs to help out get client's attention: How to Attract Clients to set an Interview

Sep 19, 9:37AM EDT0
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What is your facebook or twitter?

Sep 18, 10:20AM EDT0

@arleenroja but currently not active in twitter 

Sep 19, 9:40AM EDT0

What are your fees?

Sep 18, 9:28AM EDT0

I do create help article for the software company I work for but I have not tried blogging or writing for a living. Currently, I write for fun but if you would like to give me a writing job, I could give it a go. You may message how much it will be. Thanks.

Sep 19, 9:41AM EDT0

I am not a professional writer but I do write blogs for fun via HubPages. I am promoting my blogs about Freelancing or Working from home. Are you a CSR? Secretary? IT? whatever your skills are, you can now offer them online, get clients/employer online and work from the comforts of your home. So if you have any question about starting a career in the freelance world. Feel free to ask question :)

Sep 18, 9:19AM EDT0

Hi Arleen, other than for fun, what else motivates you to write blogs?

Sep 20, 1:27AM EDT0

My willingnes to help other people that wants to work from home motivates me to write a blog. I'm happy to read their messages saying that it helped them a lot and flattered to see them tag someone or share my blogs with others. From those kind words, I was motivated to think of other subject about freelancing to help them out. 

Sep 20, 7:58AM EDT0

What qualifications if any do you need as a proofreader?

Sep 18, 9:03AM EDT0

Oh I'm sorry, I am not a proofreader. I got lots of questions about blogging/writing but actually I am promoting my blogs about freelancing or working from home. I do write blogs for fun and got help from the HubPages community to proofread some of my articles (for free). 

Sep 18, 9:17AM EDT0

How long should an article be and what is the secret of writing a good article that stands out?

Sep 18, 8:12AM EDT0

It depends. If you will write a blog for work, usually clients have their preferences but if you will write for your personal blog, then you can write an article without worrying how many words you need. If you will write a long blog, make sure that you will be able to keep the reader's interest to finish it until the end. Some people might not read a long blog but you can make them read it by having a great opening. Usually I have 700 - 800 words per article and I prefer to have pictures included to make it more appealing to readers. 

Sep 18, 8:48AM EDT0
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What type of freelancing jobs do you do?

Sep 18, 7:11AM EDT1

I offer Customer Service and other Admin Works.

Sep 18, 8:50AM EDT0

What is the best topic in terms of getting work and being paid for articles?

Sep 18, 6:57AM EDT0

In Upwork, I saw job posts for writing/blogging but I don't send proposals if I think that the topic is beyond my knowledge. If it's for work, usually clients will give you a topic but I found out that you can write articles or blogs that interests you and get paid thru HubPages.com. There are lots of writers who are willing to help proofread your article for free and help you with some blogging questions. They have a great community. 

Sep 18, 8:52AM EDT0
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Can you show a link to a blog you designed on wordpress?

Sep 18, 6:05AM EDT0

Oh, I have not tried wordpress yet but I'm thinking to explore on it. I write blogs thru HubPages and you may check my blogs here: Lynn

Sep 18, 8:54AM EDT0

What is included in the cost of your service?

Sep 18, 5:03AM EDT0

Freelancing is like putting up your own business but you are offering your skills. When giving out my rate, I check the work load first because I have to shoulder my own expenses like electric bill, working equipments, food, etc.

Sep 18, 8:55AM EDT0
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Is it best to specialize in certain subjects, i.e. technology, medical, etc. and are there higher rates paid for these?

Sep 18, 4:59AM EDT0

I've seen clients offering great rate for writers but some are giving low rates. If you are great in writing articles for those fields go ask for the right rate you deserve that will match your work quality. For example in UpWork, you will be able to see the client's budget if they are willing to pay more for great writers or if they're working on a budget. 

Sep 18, 8:58AM EDT0

Do I need to know about a subject in order to write an article?

Sep 18, 4:37AM EDT0

I don't write for work, I only have personal blogs. On my case, I only write articles for subjects that I know by heart and where my interest is (ex. Food, animals, about working from home, etc.) If someone will ask me to write for Tech or Science, I will decline it because I have no background or not good at that subject.

Sep 18, 9:01AM EDT0